Ideal Boilers - any good ?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by dmp, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. dmp

    dmp New Member

    Hiya all,
    Anybody got any views as to whether an ideal Mini HE C24 or C28 are any good (on offer at Plumbcentre at the moment). The flow rates are 10.1 litres/minute and 11.7 litres/minute - would this give a decent flow rate in a shower, and is this OK for my 3 bed (small) semi with 1 bathroom ?
    I'm going to fit this myself (before you ask, I am a plumber but kitchen installations, repairs and maintenance etc. are normally my thing - hence the questions !) Anybody up in the North East fancy running the gas and commisioning the boiler when I'm finished ?
  2. chris roast

    chris roast Member

    cr*P the are just based on the biasi boilers,
    fitted one, had a load of problems never again, thats why its cheap!!!!
  3. dmp

    dmp New Member

    Thanks for that,
    Can you recommend a fairly decent combi for a good price (tight budget - as always happens !)
  4. dmp

    dmp New Member

    I've just seen that Wickes sell combi's - any views on those ?
  5. chris roast

    chris roast Member

    fitted a halstead the other day, and i was quite impressed with it, cheap aswell,

    personnal i go for worcester
  6. dmp

    dmp New Member

    Which model Chris, and how much ?
  7. midsguy1

    midsguy1 New Member

    try a main combi boiler, made by baxi, roughly about £550.00, nice boiler. fitted a few, had no problems.
  8. chris roast

    chris roast Member

    worcester greenstar 24kw about £600
  9. dmp

    dmp New Member

    Thanks midsguy1, which model would that be for £550 and would it give a decent flow rate for a good shower ? Any idea who would give a better deal - PTS or Plumbcentre (I've got accounts at both)
  10. plummit

    plummit New Member

    I fitted an Ideal isar HE boiler in my house some 4 years ago, They had some teething problems, that in my opinion would not admit to, but over approx 18 months replaced numerous parts, and touch wood, she has run well for over two years without a fault.
    There are people on here that know far more than me, but I do like the valliant boilers.
  11. whatever

    whatever New Member

    Ideal are un unreliable, ill convience and poorly tested heap of rubbish
  12. Northwest gas svc's

    Northwest gas svc's New Member

    Ideal are rubbish , the main is a baxi inside but that still doesnt mean anything ! Worcester greenstar is the best but the 24 kw only gives about 9 lts/min @ 35'c , go for a 28kw gives a better flow rate , about 11 lts/mn or the 30 si gives you about 12.3 lts/mn and this one has a thermostat for the hot water as well as the ch.
    Few hundred quid extra spent now will save you alot of pain in the future when your ideal's main pcb blows (look on ebay for the amount of people selling them, and you get an idea of the demand for them,Ideal say theyve sorted the problems but I/we at BG are still going to them far too often, even brand new 1's)
  13. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    'dmp' My company has fitted 100's of Ideal/Biasi band D combi's and they are great wee boilers, but they must be commissioned correctly and that's where a lot of guys haven't got a clue.
    Having not fitted any HE band A or B type Biasi's yet as we can still fit D's here in Scotland. Any HE we fit are Gloworm or Saunier Duval as they are the same as Vaillant, and cheaper than most other boilers.
  14. Dick Puller

    Dick Puller New Member

    Sorry, Gloworm and SD are no longer part of the Vaillant group, but are still good boilers.
  15. Dick, the Ideal/Biasi band B is virtually the same as the band D and thus reliable and easy to set up.

    The band A is reliable but does require a solid gas supply and that usually means changing the regulator at the meter and upgrading the pipe size.

    To commission them properly they need a flue gas analyser to check/set the CO2 but then any professional installer has an FGA anyway. They also need to be matched to the heating load like all boilers although many fitters dont bother and that thencauses inefficient operation.

  16. dmp

    dmp New Member

    Thanks for all the help guys, but does anybody know if there will be much difference in a shower with 10.1 litres/min or 11.7 litres/min flow rate ?

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