Ideal Exclusive 35 Combi Boiler takes AGES for hot water

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Gary22gs, Oct 12, 2021.

  1. Gary22gs

    Gary22gs New Member

    Ever since it was fitted 2 years ago, my Ideal Exclusive 35 has taken an absolute age to provide hot water.

    I timed it today and, it was 55 seconds to get hot water at the closest tap to the boiler and around 1m5s at the furthest tap.

    I know combis can take a few seconds to provide hot water but, when you want some warm water to quickly wash your hands after going to the loo, waiting a minute is an absolute age and I give up.

    - pre-heat seems to do absolutely nothing
    - the boiler can even be hot from providing hot water and if I even wait 2 minutes before turning on a tap again, the last of the warm water comes out and I'm back to cold water waiting another minute for it to get hot again
    - It doesn't matter what the flow rate - it could be a slow trickle from a tap or the rainfall shower, the wait for hot water is the same
    - water pressure is 2.8 bar
    - gas pressure is 20-21
    - closest tap is approximately 7 metres of pipe from the boiler, most of which has lagging
    - if using the heating, all radiators feel warm already in less than about 90 seconds, which I think is pretty impressive
    - waiting so long for hot water means I'm running up the water bill, wasting 6-8L of cold water every time I run the tap

    Can anyone help suggest what the issue is or if it's normal for these boilers? From my perspective, it is not normal. My Dad has a similar set up in his house and his Potterton gives hot water in around 10-15s.

    I don't know anything about boilers but, as I've had the issue from new, I feel like it could be something like a temperature sensor/thermocouple not activating or maybe some kind of sticky valve?
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  2. Mike83

    Mike83 Screwfix Select

    Closest tap is 7 meters away.
    Can you see the pipework route.
    It could just be an excessive pipe run.
    This can happen when combi has been fitted and pipework has been connected to the most convenient location rather than the closest.
  3. Gary22gs

    Gary22gs New Member

    Yes, boiler is in the loft. The hot water and heating pipes run across several joists then down into a bedroom where there used to be an airing cupboard (place of the old boiler which is about central to the house), at which point all pipes join a series of junctions for supply around the house (of which the very next room is the bathroom) so, most pipes are pretty direct.

    Flow rate from either the bathroom tap or rainfall shower are up to around 8-10 l/min. 7m of 15mm pipe holds just under 1L of of water so, there's still around 8L of water passing through the boiler before the water gets hot.

    When I say 7 metres, I mean 7 metres of pipe run, not 7 metres from the boiler. The shower is approx 4 metres of pipe from the boiler.
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  4. Mike83

    Mike83 Screwfix Select

    Should usually take about 20’seconds.
    How long from when the tap is opened does the boiler take to fire. Can either get a helper or just open the tap then isolate the cold main under the boiler.
    Open the isolation valve then see how long the boiler takes to ignite.
  5. Gary22gs

    Gary22gs New Member

    I can hear the boiler fire up pretty much immediately when I turn the tap on. At least that's what I think is it firing up.

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