Ideal Logic Combi 35 pressure 1.2 but still showing error F1

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by jam25, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. jam25

    jam25 New Member

    Hello all,

    This forum proved to be very helpful 6 months ago when we were facing issues with our boiler where it showed error F1 and the pressure kept dropping. We contacted Ideal and they came and fixed the boiler where in the heat exchanger had split.

    This morning however there was no hot water again and we checked the boiler and it is showing F1 error again. Only this time, the pressure has not dropped from the usual 1.2!!!

    The only thing different in months is we had our hearing on yesterday. We have called Ideal in again but they will be here only on Friday.

    Anyone have any advice please or experience on what could have gone wrong?

    Tha ks!
  2. ESPlumb

    ESPlumb Member

    It will be a faulty pressure gauge. It’s common for these to fail on the Ideal Logic boilers I’ve come across it a few times. If the boiler is still under warranty then Ideal will sort it for you.
    If you were to open the filling loop for a few seconds and put some pressure in you should hear a small “click” in the boiler then the error code should go and the boiler should fire up.
  3. jam25

    jam25 New Member

    Thank you ESplumb. When we switched the boiler off and on the pressure guage moved 1 bar up for a second and came back and settled at 1.3 again.

    Would a faulty pressure guage needle move?

    I can try refilling the loop, but if the pressure needle starts going up and I don’t hear a ‘click’ should I stop at 1.5?

    Sorry if I sound dumb
  4. ESPlumb

    ESPlumb Member

    Normally the gauge wouldn’t move at all up or down (from the faulty ones I’ve seen)
    Yeah if it does move stop at 1.5 as this would indicate that it might not be the pressure gauge at fault and you don’t want to over pressurise your system
  5. The Teach

    The Teach Screwfix Select

    IIRC,The pressure gauge is a proper gauge,not digital.

    maybe re pressure up to 1.5bar whilst the boiler is cold with boiler electrics fully off and see what happens ,when re pressurising youl hear water flowing and see the pressure gauge needle increasing:) if you hear water flowing and no needle movement-stop. The gauge could be blocked up.

    That invention of a boiler has a plastic low water pressure switch they can get blocked up and also the attaching connection into the manifold can get blocked up and not register that the boiler is actually pressurised. very easily repairable just needs someone competent ;).

    Good luck

  6. jam25

    jam25 New Member

    Thank you ESPlumb and TT! It was the pressure sensor and been fixed now

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