Ideal Logic+ Combi C clear faults

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    I tried on the Engineers forum but so far no response. Do the plumbers amongst us know?

    The first thing to say is that my new boiler is working fine and as it should. It was installed by myself but commissioned and tested by a neighbour who is a RGI. I used to be a Corgi guy many moons ago but that was when I had more hair!

    Anyway, the issue is the fault history. I did some repairs to the rads a couple of days ago and this resulted in fault reports generated at the boiler CPU. Clearly there was no problem as the heating wasn't running with low pressure and was immediately re-pressurised. However, it did generate 5 faults at the CPU in the short time switched on.

    What I would like to do is clear the fault history at the boiler CPU but my neighbour doesn't know how, it's not in either the user or service manual and when I call Ideal, they said I just need to do a reset. Having said that, they then advised that they weren't sure how and were too busy to look it up (ever heard of customer support guys?).

    Does anyone here know how to do a reset on a Combi C (latest model) and/or how to clear fault history?

    Thanks all.

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