Ideal Logic Combi Flame Loss problem edited - advice needed

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Andy Grow, Dec 8, 2018.

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    My boiler Ideal Logic 30 Combi shows flame loss error (F2 fault).
    Boiler is in the newly property and so far has been used just for hot water, which worked fine.
    The problem appeared when I tried to switch on central heating (The CH system has been drained, flashed and refilled).With "C" on the screen the blue light appears for 3-5 seconds. The boiler buzzes and then goes off and shows F2.
    According to the manual it looks like it's flame detecting electrode fault. But the problem could be with ignition electrode or spark generator and etc.
    I would like to order the parts in advance, before my installer arrives, as he is abroad now.
    When I checked the boiler (there no leaks inside/outside the boiler, condensing pipe is not blocked and clean, condensing trap is clean and filled with clean water) I've found there a hole in a flame detector electrode's silicone sleeve (on a pic).
    Could this be a main problem?
    As I see the silicone sleeve and electrode being sold separately everywhere. If this is the problem it would be pretty cheap repair, comparing to more expensive parts like gas valve or PCB (also mentioned as possible reasons for fault F2 in a manual).

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