Ideal Logic + Heat Exchanger Leak

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    Posting for info to possibly help others.
    My Ideal Logic + System 30 started to lose pressure when it was about 5 years old and just out of warranty. Was initially diagnosed as Expansion Bladder losing pressure - so fitted an external expansion bladder - much larger - but this just meant it was longer before the low pressure was reached and top up required.
    Diagnosis was then small leak - and could not be found - and very hard to get under floor in all sections of house so added leak sealer - which was effective for about a year - then started to get pressure drop again.
    Next thing that happened was blockage on condensate trap - plumber came and cleared it (you can hear the fan noise start to change if this happens). I was not at home for this.
    Started to hear fan noise change again, so again got condensate trap cleaned, and full of brown murky water and some metallic looking parts - was quite shocked actually.

    Decided to fit a system filter, and had to do some pipework mods (boiler in garage) and another plumber came and had a look, and he had heard of problem with heat exchangers leaking on these boilers (the heat exchanger is used on all Ideal Logic models and maybe others) and he opened the sump cover (he'd been shown this by a British Gas Heating Engineer) and confirmed the heat exchanger was leaking.

    I have looked at spares suppliers, and Ideal Replacement heat exchanger generally £350 - £400, plus would have cost of fitting.
    Phoned Ideal - new heat exchanger fitted - no warranty - £289, or pay £49.99 per month for 6 months which gives heat exchanger fitted & full boiler warranty for 12 months. So I will be going for the 2nd option, and will do this once my system has been flushed with the new filter fitted.

    I am going to get this done when I am at home and if there is any visible fault on heat exchanger I will post some pictures.
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    With correct installation & service history,being just out of warranty or guarantee period does not really matter (we,not ideal use to allow an extra year from production date of the part in question).

    Although paying out for a still newish boiler to be repaired is unwanted.The £300 fix cost is not to bad o_O,some heat exchangers cost £300+

    The leak is well known but often misdiagnosed.I would be surprised if there was no youtube vid's or internet mentions.

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