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Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Matt_Smith85, Sep 20, 2021.

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    Looking for some advice and guidance really.

    Have a section of the garden that I have fenced off for the little one to have a climbing frame/swingset/slide set up. Before I order that however, I am undecided on what to do about a base..........

    The area is the lowest point of the garden and the soils is clay from about 150-200mm down.
    I had previously covered it in gravel but under bad weather water pooled in the middle.

    My first thought was to deck the area (4.8m x 3.6m) then fix everything to the decking. The only issue here is current timber and decking prices. Looking at around £850ish at the minute.

    I'm just conscious that if I put sleepers around it and fill it with bark/rubber, they will rot and smell as they'll be constantly damp.
    A concrete slab or slabbed area would just move the water elsewhere, as would just raising the low point.

    What other options would you guys recommend looking into?
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    Water has to go somewhere - if you deck it like it is, it'll promote rot in the deck if its no drained underneath well - even if not in contact.

    Better off first addressing the water retention - dig in a drainage ditch, back fill with gravel and cover back over then at least you have options to put in concrete and include a route for water to reach whatever measures you have made in step 1?
  3. Matt_Smith85

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    Thanks buddy.

    I can dig a trench along the 5m length.

    What sort of depth are we talking about?

    I can slope it to the end of the garden where its open land and load it with gravel.
  4. Abbadon2001

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