Ideas on how to assemble wooden frame for shed shelving

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by free_flyer, May 1, 2020.

  1. My timber order should arrive tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I can get out of painting and do some joinery instead. I have my preferred timber yard but no one told me they are taking orders only a Tuesday due it being a small yard, wish I had known that because I was phoning Saturday, Sunday and by Monday I was becoming frantic, Tuesday got through, banged order in and got a Friday delivery Whoo Hoo..... I all the excitement, I forgot to order the blooming screws..... :D
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  2. robgul

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    I only used cheapo decking screws, but doubled them up, rather than fancy coach screws.

    BTW - if you look at the ads for spangly racking and the measurements the people in the photographs must be midgets!

    Steve Ramsey on YouTube had an interesting film today (he's doing a lockdown series of projects) - talking about buying furniture and making it ... with the satisfaction gained by planning, making mistakes, making and the ultimate pride in being able to say "I made that" I know exactly what he means . . . . I have 2 or 3 furniture related projects in the pipeline.

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  3. I think there's a need for this type of shelving, there must be a load of shed owners who need strong shelves !

    I was was one of them until I came across this post of yours and despite a few minor problems, my timber and osb sheets arrived yesterday and despite the wind blowing my osb sheets about for two days on the run, I eventually got the wood cut and the shelves made, loaded my gear back in an hour ago and not a wobble to be found.

    So its a big thank you to free_flyer for the ideas and the plans that he shared here :)
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  4. free_flyer

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    You're welcome, its nice to know my idea and post has helped others :) Always good to give something back in return

    And not forgetting its thanks to others who posted on here to help with my project

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