Ideas to tile around P shaped bath panel

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by adamskix, May 23, 2020.

  1. adamskix

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    Just installed a whirlpool bath that goes in tight from end to end. Problem is that when we were sent the bath panel it is too long for the bath and this causes an issue for tiling behind the panel.

    Any ideas of how to tile upto the two ends of the panel as I will still need access to it so don't want to tile onto it?

    I have uploaded pictures to show what I mean


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  2. Jord86

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    Not much choice other than cut equal amounts off the ends of the panel to tuck the tiles behind with a small gap either end. You may need to reinforce the panel as once you've cut it it may lose its rigidity.
  3. adamskix

    adamskix New Member

    Yeah thats what I was thinking. Didn't know whether there was any adhesive strips etc that I could put either side but it might look a bit naff
  4. DIYDave.

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    You’ve got to cut the panel down but tile first, running tiles slightly behind the bath

    Then take accurate measurements and cut panel to fit inside tiles at both ends

    Once pushed onto securing clips top and bottom, see if it’s secure enough and no sag at ends

    Can always fix a timber batten vertically to tiles behind bath where back of panel sits (plug and screw into wall)

    Then a neat mirror type screw through panel into batten at each end (chrome or white caps)

    Can always run a small neat bead of silicon along panel/tile junction to neaten

    If you trim panel and then tile up to it, your gonna have problems removing it in the future when you’ve got a leak !

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