Identify this tool?

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by buffoon1, Nov 26, 2021.

  1. buffoon1

    buffoon1 New Member

    ...and I don't mean me ;-)

    Can anyone confirm what this is (photo links below)? Seems most likely gardening secateurs but I don't see this particular design appearing anywhere else (e.g. here). Is it for cutting sheet goods of some kind(?)
    what1 (1).jpg what1 (2).jpg

    Nice robust spring mechanism, similar to other tools I've seen but not identical. I'm asking here because I'd rather not abuse it on the wrong material. Thanks for any insight.

    (This hand tool was passed down to me; I've de-rusted and oiled it and will sharpen later.)
  2. woodbutcherbower

    woodbutcherbower Well-Known Member

    Looks like an old set of tin snips. Secateurs would have curved blades.
  3. just pumps

    just pumps Screwfix Select

    Agree, Tin snips which can be straight or curved blades
  4. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    Could be either. Never seen tin snips like that. Trt them out though on a bit of mild steel sheet and report back.
  5. buffoon1

    buffoon1 New Member

    Thank you all!
    I tested and it is not cutting anything well. I believe the blades have been forced apart so I will try to get them realigned then sharpened...

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