Identifying Earthing Cable... ?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Retroradical, Jun 21, 2021.

  1. Retroradical

    Retroradical New Member


    Is there a way of identifying the CSA of earthing cable by measuring overall outer diameter, using a vernier?

    Regs state 16mm2 and 10mm2 respectively, but how to verify by external measurement?

    I've tried referencing this online, but there seems to be much conflicting advice.

    Thanks again for any help.
  2. MGW

    MGW Screwfix Select

    Batt cables do publish specs, so you can be reasonable sure on size, but there are exceptions, in the main I use crimps, and will a 10 mm fit or 16 mm fit.
  3. Peterdevon

    Peterdevon Active Member

    10mm is about 6mm and 16mm about 7mm so not a good way to tell
  4. The Happy Builder

    The Happy Builder Screwfix Select

    Holding a conductor of a known size next to it is the usual approach.
  5. ElecCEng

    ElecCEng Screwfix Select

    Unfortunately just one of those things you get used to recognising...

    Try and get an offcut of each. The difference in size is quite noticeable when they’re together. Then compare as @The Happy Builder says, compare against your installation.
  6. Retroradical

    Retroradical New Member

    Thanks for the information, everyone.

    I'll try to obtain a sample length of each size and go from there.

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