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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by madhatter1uk, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. madhatter1uk

    madhatter1uk Screwfix Select

    Moving on from career.
    If you were to do work and wasn't qualified to la rest standards and therefore not part p. In the eyes of the dictatorship just a more knowledgeable diyer. What is the procedure these days. Do authorities arrange to check work or does the householder. And what will happen if a householder gets caught having had work done that hasn't been signed off but does comply.
  2. Coloumb

    Coloumb Screwfix Select

    Ring up your local building control and ask. I tell you what though, I'm not bothering any more. When I come to sell my house that I rewired I'll let the buyer know and they can either accept my EIC and get it retro-certified or take out an insurance policy. No way I'm paying £300 for a completion cert.
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  3. Brian_L

    Brian_L Active Member

    When I sold my last house there was no cert as I'd rewired it myself around 1980, My solicitor insisted that there should be some certification but, said he could do some kind of indemnity for about £100.

    When I bought this house, there was also no certs for electrics or gas as the house was original wiring from 1970 and the gas was brought in around 1980 to supply a gas fire in the living room. Funny how my solicitor never worried about that :mad:
  4. Coloumb

    Coloumb Screwfix Select

    There was no Part P in 1980 so I don't know why your solicitor wanted any certification?
  5. PaulBlackpool

    PaulBlackpool Screwfix Select

    I wish I was that anonymous.
    Say no more.;)
  6. madhatter1uk

    madhatter1uk Screwfix Select

    My brother in law has just bought a house and it has a socket under the floor boards lying in earth, which suffers from sitting water at the moment.
    The down stairs ring has been put into choc blocks and is now fed via one 2. 5 from a garage box with no RCD, a 32 amp trip, which is fed from the suppliers isolator via 2. 5.
    The back box for one kitchen socket was so rusty it disintegrated in my hand.
  7. PaulBlackpool

    PaulBlackpool Screwfix Select

    Is it for plugging in an electric chair?:)
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  8. Brian_L

    Brian_L Active Member

    Exactly! Which shows he was just a money grabbing ****. Then they wonder why you class them with contempt.
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  9. madhatter1uk

    madhatter1uk Screwfix Select

    Gawd knows. Thought I were seeing things. I thought I bet that's still connected up, and it is. I'm assuming it was pulled down under the floor to fit a radiator by a plumber.
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  10. PaulBlackpool

    PaulBlackpool Screwfix Select

    When you get your UPVC windows done by a registered installer or you get some Part P work done by a registered electrician a month or two later you get a small piece of paper AKA a certificate that is so vague that with the passage of time, if you have not lost it in the meantime, becomes almost meaningless, especially if you have several separate jobs done.
    Also I think that the local authority scraps their copies of the documentation after a few years.
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  11. Bazza

    Bazza Screwfix Select

    I think you might be confusing notification with certification.
    In 1980 there was (as you say) not Part P and no requirement for notification. In 1980 there was BS7671 and there was a requirement for Installations to be Certified - just as there is now.
  12. nffc

    nffc Active Member

    Part P is a Building Regulation NOT a qualification. There is no such thing as 'Part P qualified'.
  13. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    Today I put some sockets at 450mm from the floor, I now consider myself part M qualified.
  14. madhatter1uk

    madhatter1uk Screwfix Select

    It's verified isn't it, certified to issue compliance certificates or is it a notice of compliance.
  15. fire

    fire Well-Known Member

    Parts to P M and D,I,Y lol

    I think we should clarify all this once and for all.
    Regulations are there because idiots have wired in really stupid things in really stupid ways. I have seen 1.5mm2 twin earth used to wire in a 8KW shower before. When i challenged the home owner he said his brother installed it and he was an electrician now retired. I then spoke to his brother now retired and he said, it was ok because he used the existing wiring from a previous shower install.

    The previous shower was just a pump shower taking hot water from the cylinder tank and had no heating element in the shower. The new shower had a heating element in it hence 8KW and took the feed still from the hot water cylinder... Could things get any worst.
    So regulations are in place to help with this problem. They are certainly not there for electricians to monopolise on the market of their trade and this is why i spend allot of time pulling out the regs and publishing them anywhere and everywhere i can so the general public can do the job right first time.
    I am sure if people had the correct knowledge to DIY their stuff they would do it right first time.

    As for the huge dystopia of registered pay us all your earnings registrars well they are a prosecution body to chase after cowboy workman who really do leave your home in a seriously dangerous condition. Bad Gas work and Bad electrical work which could kill you or your family.

    Why they want your hard earn't cash?
    Well they need pay their own wages, travel costs when they have to inspect, investigate and pay the payments to the court to get these rogue traders prosecuted. As well as justify their existence to take home a pay check for all this lovely running around finding these bad workmen.

    So good quality workman pay for this service as to clean up the bad workmen undercutting them and doing dangerous work.

    Bad news is the registered workmen have to charge more for the job to cover the cost of the registrar and make a living. I do not dispute that many big headed self important traders do overprice ridiculously and you will find they are the ones that hate guys like me for telling you how to DIY the job and save ££££.

    Really in all fairness electrical work is common sense. Installing a socket outlet above your bath is just silly.
    Most DIY outlets make life easier by saying this cable size is suitable for lights, this size for sockets, this for cookers etc.
    Absolutely nothing.
    The purpose of the registrars or organisation money grabbing dystopia bodies are to crush bad workmanship and those who avoid paying the registrar so they can fund themselves to continue crushing dangerous bad workmanship.
  16. spinlondon

    spinlondon Screwfix Select

    The thing is, none of the Competent Schemes can take anyone to court for not being registered.
    They can take someone to court who is purporting to be registered with their particular scheme, though from what I understand, all they do is make threats.

    The LABCs, can't take a non-registered tradesman to court as there is no Statutory requirement for anyone to be registered. Also it is the householder or person responsible for ordering the work, who is responsible for ensuring compliance with Building Regulations.

    Trading Standards can take a tradesman to court, if the work is not up to standard, or if they falsely state they are a member of a competent persons scheme and will arrange notification.
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  17. peter palmer

    peter palmer Super Member

    Yep, all smoke and mirrors, they purport to do this and that but in reality do bugger all except get rich of the backs of hard working people. Believe me, 99% of electricians would like to see part P abolished.
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  18. madhatter1uk

    madhatter1uk Screwfix Select

    Can you be registered and not be part p certified
  19. nffc

    nffc Active Member

    There is no such thing as Part P certified. The only thing you need to be to sign of work for LABC is registered with a scheme. In order to be registered you must be suitably qualified with electrical qualifications and pay the fee. Failing that you can pay the LABC directly and they will send someone to certify it and sign it off.

    I repeat - there is no such thing as Part P qualified.
  20. FatHands

    FatHands Well-Known Member

    you are also part a qualified pete if you chased them in to the wall ;)
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