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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Drew iKBBI, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    just crawl back under the plinth slimeball ;)
  2. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    just crawl back under the plinth slimeball ;)
  3. under the plinth

    under the plinth New Member

    No Prime Minister.
  4. kitcheneer

    kitcheneer New Member

    Anyone who has studied the ikbbi web site will know that their ‘service’ is aimed at retailers as well as installers. How on earth can they do that. In effect they want to represent both sides. A sub-contract installer is paid by the retailer. But the ikbbi wants to represent both of them! WTF!!

    There can only be one reason, of course, and that is that the retailer has to pay £249 to join (although I expect the high profile retailer featured on their website got a very special deal). I expect anyone who is prepared to stump up a fee of some kind would be welcome to join them. In fact there is a forum member who can confirm that!

    It’s a nonsense of course. No organisation can represent everyone, especially if they are on opposite sides of the employer/employee divide. Therefore any organisation that claims to be able to do so in effect isn’t doing anything (except collecting joining fees, of course)

    Another instalment will follow UTP’s next contribution to this fascinating thread
  5. kitcheneer

    kitcheneer New Member

    Well, we've had UTP's response. Slightly better than his average, too. Only problem was that he posted it on the wrong thread!

    Anyway, this was his response

    "As for kitcheneers comments about retailers some might see it as being a good idea that retailers have to abide by the same procedures as the fitters they employ."

    On the face of it, it seems to make some kind of sense (which is a considerable step in the right direction for him), but, if one looks a little deeper, past the smoke and mirrors, then there really is nothing there.

    What are these procedures he refers to? Well, nothing more than there would be between non-members. There are no 'procedures'. So, as is typical of this organisation, when their sales b****t is examined, that's what it turns out to be, b****t.

    Anybody who can woprk up the interest might like to have a look at the ikbbi standards

    I doubt there is any profgessional fitter here who doesn't already meet or exceed these standards. Probably a good idea to have them in writing, though, I'll give them that. What I won't be giving them is £149+vat (per year)
  6. under the plinth

    under the plinth New Member

    I posted the response on another thread so that you might get the opportunity to see the responses on that same thread that show you that your influence is wearing thin. Your comments show your insensitivity to those who lost the means of income when MFI went down. Where was your offer of help or advice? No instead you just remove any hope they may have of getting the money their owed by saying they have no chance of getting it.
    They don't need or want to hear that instead they want some help and fortunately for you and your mission it came from iKBBI. Some things are much bigger than your crusade and you lost the thread of respect you had by once again not offering any words of encouragement or advice.
    Thank you for agreeing that I speak some sense but me I still think you're a fool.
  7. kitcheneer

    kitcheneer New Member

    "you just remove any hope they may have of getting the money their owed by saying they have no chance of getting it."

    Funny that, I only said what a couple of others said, but I am the one you choose to have a go at. I hadn't realised I was bugging you so much, you've just made my day. Thanks.
  8. under the plinth

    under the plinth New Member

    Inappropriate Kitch try thinking of some positive advice why don't you?
  9. festfool

    festfool New Member

    i will give you some positive advice plinth drop this ikkbbi **** and get on with the job.
    im sure your name is damian.
  10. under the plinth

    under the plinth New Member

    This topic hasn't been replied to for 5 days till you decided to stoke up the fire again.
    You bored or something? How foolish to come back and say let's drop all this iKBBI stuff when it already had been till you post something tonight.
    Keep it coming if you want but make you're f*ing mind up. It won't go away if you keep posting idiotic **** like "I'm sure your name's Damian
  11. festfool

    festfool New Member

    **** off

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