Immersion leak?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by MikeH1994, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. MikeH1994

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    Noticed my water meter was spinning and a noise of running water under the sink a few weeks ago, even though no taps running. Same situation every day.

    Around the same time I noticed that water from the immersion heater isn't staying hot any later than about 3pm but it would stay hot until 10pm in the past.

    This morning before I left for work I decided to turn the mains supply off under the sink to save some money (having the water going all day is costing money). This evening turned it back on and noticed at about 11pm that the water is still very hot!

    So the water meter spinning seems to be linked to the cold water in the immersion heater.

    Had a plumber out and he couldn't find any signs of a leak. The tundish on the pressure release pipe seems bone dry. If there is constant cold water going in, where is the excess water going out?!

    Anybody have any ideas? So frustrating not being able to figure it out, plus the added expense of wasting hot and cold water
  2. Heat

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    Almost certain by your description unfortunately to be a hot pipe leaking somewhere in your property.
    It would have to be leaking somewhere that the water can go unnoticed, like below a ground floor, concrete or wooden, or leak at a hot pipe travelling to outside garage, etc.
    I assume you have an unvented hot cylinder? (Photos would be good)
    Only other possibilities to check are, -
    Does water pass into tundish when cylinder reaches full heat?
    Or, any taps dripping?
    Or much less likely, but possible, - is there water escaping through a heating system boiler, perhaps through a relief discharge pipe at oil or gas boiler?
    Just was thinking coil in hot cylinder if cracked would cause mains pressure water to enter heating system and escape through heating boiler relief valve.
  3. MikeH1994

    MikeH1994 New Member

    You were right about the hot pipe leaking. I had someone come out today and they figured out it was the hot water pipe from the immersion heater to the kitchen hot tap, leaking somewhere under the kitchen floor slab. It was cold water refilling the immersion tank that kept my water meter spinning. Unfortunately I've now got to wait for my landlord to get the problem solved (after a MONTH of back and forth), which means no water for at least the weekend. I have to keep the water off to prevent further damage to the substructure. I will however ignore that advice overnight so I can have hot water for a shower in the morning (water on at bed, off at morning).

    Absolute pain.
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  4. Heat

    Heat Well-Known Member

    Thanks for getting back to us and letting us know the developments.
    Pity you have to depend on your landlord. If it was your own property, I would have suggested a temporary cap off if possible of that leg of the hot pipe
  5. rogerk101

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    This requires a higher level of urgency than your landlord appears to be giving it.
    You should NOT have to be making those sorts of compromises while your landlord contemplates his navel.
    Inform your landlord that you will be passing on your water-bill to him for the time this is going on. That way, he has some skin in this game to get it sorted asap. If he gets shirty about that, then I suggest an non-committal discussion with a lawyer about what your options are.
    There is no doubt that you are currently a 'victim', so entitled to some compensation.
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  6. JustPhil

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    Bear in mind you’re also paying to heat that water that’s pouring out under the kitchen... landlord liable until he gets it repaired I say. Be reasonable though, take measures to prevent him losing the water and heat you will be billing him for.
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