Immigrants in little boats.

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Allsorts, Dec 30, 2018.

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  1. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    But what's your answer?

    Especially - as he pointed out - this supposedly regained 'sovereignty' is a hollow concept; we are a sovereign nation, but we will 'lose' some of that sov-stuff whenever we make any deal with anyone (other than invading and annexing them - in which case they lose the s-whatsit :rolleyes:). .
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  2. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    Happy to. After all, this thread has fully served its purpose*.

    I wonder if you'll answer the new thread any more rationally and honestly?

    *1) The point of this thread was to ask a perfectly simple, legitimate and topical question (no, it wasn't 'trolling' or 'poison', btiwan) to test - once again - if those who are so demanding of a no-deal Brexit actually give it any thought other than 'Leave!'.

    2) I think the thread conclusively proved - once again - that, no, the usual suspects on here have no valid argument to make whatsoever. I also think that their comments bear a second read - there are some absolute blinders amongst them:

    Er, perhaps we return them to the last country they came from. IE back to France they go. Or stick them in immigration centres in the channel islands and make sure the security is run by G4 and leave plenty of dingys about ;-)

    Judging by the amount that are coming over in boats now, France has already given up border patrols.

    Maybe that because they are in total turmoil with the Yellow Vest marches across a lot of major cities tying up there resources.

    You know these big anti goverment marches that have resulted in the police killing 10 people and arresting well over 3000, but not reported by the main stream media as it goes against the liberal left veiws.

    Once we leave the EU France has to continue in the same form as it has been doing, this is set in law and has nothing to do with the UK being part of the EU.

    We already track every vessel crossing the channel. It is easy to send back to point of origin.

    The French love the EU as much as us. (Vid…)

    Honestly seems strange to me that the Remoaners keep telling us that the U.K. is doomed once we leave the EU, but these people are still desperate to get here by any means..... Don't they ever read the newspapers? ( according to DA , they are better educated than us, so you think they would, but would still risk life and limb to get to an island nation that's apparently going down the pan) (Longs liked this)

    Ohh ( chip n DA will now have a field day on that " racist" comment) How terrible of you IIR,,,,, only thinking of the U.K. instead of these poor people.

    Perhaps you might think of travelling to France in an inflatable boat DA. Across that 21 mile stretch of ( safe) water. I just wonder what the French would make of your education ?

    Not speaking like a child at all DA. What on Earth possesses an apparently ( well) educated person to risk life and limb crossing the busiest waterway in the bloody world, when they could simply claim asylum in any of the EU countries, they've passed through on their way to Calais ? ,,,,,,,, well educated my a**e

    Perhaps DA would care to enlighten us as to what exactly is so enticing about a country about to leave the EU ( and apparently about to be plunged into economic doom n gloom for millennia ) Come on DA, please tell us why people are so desperate to get to such a country, when they've already passed through such economic greats as Germany and France . ( you can't can you )

    Sadly it (Parliament) is full of lemmings. Treacherous lemmings who look likely to vote against the will of the people.
    scaremongering in full swing now by the rebel remoaners

    (A no-deal Brexit is going to happen or else explain) Explain the £100 million spent on pre booked ferries at Dover then.

    Not including the 13+ mill that went to a company that doesn't even have any ferries, that's clearly a back hander that will come back to whom ever agreed to it

    Reality is we have had to do it to cover ourselves against any retribution of Brexit from France as some form of payback for leaving.

    Remember 136 countries trade with the EU without being members, so why is the UK being singled out.??

    Personally, the negotiations could have gone a lot better if Junckers had been kept off the EU wine lake.

    hard brexit is a rebel remoaner made up term. For people who cannot accept democracy and want to spread fear.
    People who will sabotage brexit at any cost. Absolutely disgraceful.
    Like something you would expect from a third world banana republic.

    TM has done her damndest to sabotage Brexit.

    And as I've said before, her hand was severely weakened by europhile remoaners.

    TM was/is a remainer herself, so the non deal she has come up with was always going to be on the cards.

    I think this whole fiasco says a hell of a lot about the very poor quality of our most senior civil servants as well as the total gutlessness of our politicians.

    More nonsense. From a remoaner loser.

    My comment was certainly not childish nor insulting to Junckers. If anything, it might hurt him a bit because its the bloody truth. You've heard of the saying the truth often hurts ? One day in March 2019, Junckers is going to awaken from his drunken stupor and find out that the UK has gone, left the club,, "Elvis has left the building" . Only then will he realise just how much the EU was dependant upon the UK for so much.

    I know, I know...
    Is the answer you're looking for...
    Gun boats?

    3) Btiwan 'gets' it.
  3. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    If the UK leaves the EU with no deal - suffering a significant economic blow as a result - and also causes damage to the EU economy to some extent, I wonder what incentive the French local (eg Calais) and National governments will have to continue to patrol their coasts and corral the 'economic migrants' (according to JJ) that arrive there as they currently do to significant political and financial cost?

    And I also wonder what those who would like a no-deal Brexit would do to handle this?
  4. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    This is all speculation, the fear merchants on both sides of the argument have clouded the truth to such an extent, it now impossible to sift out the truth from the fiction. The French may turn a blind eye to migrants leaving, but we will have the power to return them to their last country of leaving when we leave the EU properly. Presently, if they have EU papers, we cannot return them to France.
  5. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    if they are not economic migrants, but asylum seekers, can you explain why they've travelled through many " safe" countries to arrive at Calais? Surely an asylum seeker should claim asylum in the first safe country they set foot upon. ( oh I forgot,, Merkel keeps on telling us it's our problem )
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  6. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    Very astute, Alvy.

    No, I realised a loooong time ago - way before the actual Ref vote - that there was a group of hardened Leaves on here who would not change their minds under any circumstances. They are like the 35-odd% of Americans who think Trump is gawd and would also never vote against him - even if he were to gun someone down on Broadway.

    So why do we do it? Lots of reasons - discussions are fun. They'd be challenging too under better circumstances - if discussions were actually engaged with, and they didn't just chuck out 'orange stuff' (please see end of thread...)

    Mostly, tho', it's now just to burst their bubble - make them face a bit of reality. Make them realise they will not get away with their mutual back-slaps and 'ruder stuff'. It's to press their noses in it and to make it clear that they will be held to account and will not escape from their reckless choice.

    It's sometimes fun, often very frustrating, but ultimately rewarding.

    Sadly, they will ultimately 'get away' with it because a hard one ain't ever going to happen, so they will be able to continue to live their fantasies without the devastation being caused. They will continue to maintain it was snatched from them by 'traitors' and 'enemies of the people'. When it is they who are both - of humanity.
  7. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Hmmmm, you always bring Trump into the argument. Why, I don't quite understand? After all , we voted to leave the EU long before he was elected POTUS. I suppose you have to have someone to blame. ( and he is an easy target for you)
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  8. Gringo28

    Gringo28 Active Member

    If a no deal brexit is as bad as the fear monger remoaners suggest then why would any economic migrant want to come here?
    You must think they are stupid.

    Must admit it would be very amusing to see the dingies going the other way.:D
  9. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    DA hasn't thought that bit through yet. He keeps telling us it's all going to be doom n gloom. ( almost like he's bought into Project Fear) No doubt he's going to reply that these migrants like the sense of fairness here in the U.K. Of course, most of them already speak English ( apparently from his earlier reply on the other thread) and most of them already have relatives living ( hiding) in the U.K.
    I do notice from the media, that a large percentage of these " asylum seekers" have the latest mobile phones along with fairly expensive trainers ( Nike and Adidas ) But still claim to have no money. Hmmmmmm
  10. Isitreally

    Isitreally Super Member

    No disrespect to Greenback78 and his assumptions, but can i just remind everybody of the year 2008 and the worldworld fallout because of so called financial wizards like him.
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  11. Heat

    Heat Screwfix Select

    There is little point on having debates with the Remainers on here because the more vocal Remainers just won’t change their minds or accept the vote went against them.
    Surely democracy is for everyone, from the uneducated, to the highly educated, and for all people of different views?

    As I have said before, - If the vote had went 52% for Remain, the Remainers would not accept any talk of another vote or changes to how we operate in the EU.
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  12. Gringo28

    Gringo28 Active Member

    This load of hogwash from an extremely pompous and patronising bloke who cannot accept democracy.
    Says all we need to know about europhiles.
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  13. ramseyman

    ramseyman Screwfix Select

    Rather than arguing about whether or not these are economic migrants or people in genuine fear of their lives,(as the wish of the majority of the British
    people was to leave the EU as evidenced by a democratic referendum although that isn't in question), shouldn't we be focussing on what we do to prevent these people seeking to illegally enter our country?
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  14. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    It is rather simple to comprehend for me and explain to somebody - individualism (personal opinions), freedoms, finances- always beats idealism of any individual.

    My van is trademarked as French, my car is trademarked as Japanese, 99% of my tools are imported one way or another, most of my groceries come German branded food chain - it just makes sense. However being very much local tradesman, if ...IE ordering screws for a job, I'll pay extra up to 10% to get from local small supplier, than cheaper, but chain, the profit and ownership isn't even known for sure.

    Poster you are referring to, his actions are in accordance to what is better for his wealth and I see no problem with that. However you are missing the point of all business and businessmen do so in order to prosper.
    Politicians and such wannabes, the ones that beating their chests on for everyone what to do as how to take financial loses in order.... (Needs insertion of what even national or political benefit would that be) .

    What you are implying appears as if populist lies do work in practical terms.... Nigel, Boris, Tommmeh etc?... I shall refrain from name calling those, their promises?
    #£350m aaweek for NHS
    # Mr must abandon the EU, but lives on THEIR salary AND pension.

    I would encourage you to be a tad more honest about your own self, be clearer, how much political/national "interests" can be improved, by what means? Will economic loses justify outcome?
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  15. greenback78

    greenback78 Active Member

    Mercifully not my line of business either in terms of what I personally do and the organisation for which I work. But again you’re going down the route of attacking me personally and making assumptions rather than discussing the merits of what I’ve actually said.

    As for feathering my nest, yes if you characterise me protecting my family and my staff. I want them to have jobs next year. Uncertainty is bad for business. A no deal Brexit would be worse. Moving people to Brussels, Paris and Frankfurt makes sense as post Brexit world means that we need to be in the EU to more easily deal with the EU. Downsizing the UK operation is a sad necessity.
  16. Gringo28

    Gringo28 Active Member

    Moving people "wholesale"? And of course they will just follow you?
    Do you load them unto lorries to be transported to mainland europe?:D
  17. AlvyChippy

    AlvyChippy Active Member

    I'll pretend to be counting your edgy opinion as little more than bantz...

    Back on a topic:
    Got to be some 3d chess game that is meant to fool everyone?
    (Reminder of mr Sajid's crisis):
    *headlines in most papers about migrants on Kent shore.

    *Sajid cuts his luxury family hollidays, flies back to handle the crisis

    *Sajid abandons military strategic mission of 2 navy cutters, to call for immediate return from Mediterranean to protect British borders, at the time of *Brexit deal vote negotiation crisis*...

    * Sajid was joking... He promises to deal with legal immigrants in strictest manner, but he's a hero in changing his mind about physical coast line defence from undocumented ones.... Doing an 180° turn on TM promises to Brit ExPats, as any rules of immigration work on the basis of "vice versa"

    Is he meant to be replacement to MayBot?

    To back up its its DM link for now
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  18. Gringo28

    Gringo28 Active Member

    greenbank says he is moving his business to mainland europe. Then claims he wants to protect his employees jobs.
    Exceedingly disingenuous I would say.
    And now he has scarpered.
  19. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Firstly, these " migrants " have not been in fear of their lives since arriving on mainland Europe. It has been their choice ( aided by the EU member countries they have passed through) to head to Calais.
    Secondly I thought the job of securing our border was up to these ( seemingly impotent) politicians , we pay handsomely. I just wonder who's pulling their strings ?
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  20. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    Blimey - the u-s are happy to keep this going.

    Certain folks crossing the channel to our shores is seemingly causing serious concern - 'major issue' and all that jazz.

    Ok, all I'm asking of those who would wish for a no-deal Brexit is, if we leave with no deal and cause economic harm to both us and the rest of the EU, what will incentivise the French to keep a tighter reign on the immigrants in their country to prevent them from trying to get to Blighty by this method?

    That's all - a simple Q.
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