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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Wayne K, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Wayne K

    Wayne K New Member

    I saw a deal for the Mak Combo drill & Impact driver with 2 Li-on batteries & am contemplating it, I'm not sure if I have the need for the Impact driver as I have never used one, does anyone have one & find they use it or have it & not use it. Is it worth it's weight in gold or just a unnecessary luxury. The work I do is mainly fitting kitchens, but I do any other types of work also. Comments?
  2. I borrowed a DW impact driver when putting up studding, didn't half make the the 4" screws fly in.

    Not sure whether it's of use in kitchen fitting, but if it's good value get it always good to have in the tool kit. :)
  3. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    I have a Makita impact driver. Great for screwing units together and for fixing worktops with. absolutely brilliant for srewing studwork with. It will drive a 4" screw through the hardest timber. Personally it's one of the tools I couldn't do without.
  4. Impact drivers are great tools. I have a 3.5ah Panasonic, which is fantastic. The battery life is prolonged using impact driving, as less energy is used. Using one of these eliminates the need for pre drilling and countersinking (if the pieces are clamped). When you use one of these, you will wonder how you managed before.
  5. Ive got a couple of these,18v DW and find them brilliant. Good thing is it eliminates the need to keep changing between screwdriver bits and drill bits. I personally bought this version off the leading auction site as a naked unit quite cheap as I already had the 18v drill with a number of batteries. You can also get for a couple of quid the attachments to make it into a socket driver(1/2 inch, 1/4 inch square drive, etc), which comes in very handy if ever you do jobs including nuts and bolts.
  6. Bassrock

    Bassrock New Member


    I have the sparky impact wrench, 4" screws into hardwood nae bother, if u start using it you will never stop + u can alo use the impact for your car nuts and bolts etc, go for it.

    It will also remove screws that your drill won't cope with.

    Cheers Bassrock
  7. potter

    potter New Member

    I've got a Hitachi impact & about 4 of my fitters too, excellent tool, once you have you wont want to be without, once you get use to it its great.

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