Incident Management Month to Launch in November #IMM2016

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    In the UK during 2014/2015, there were 611,000 injuries, of which 25% lead to an absence of over 7 days. 27.3 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health or injury, at a cost of £14.3 billion to the country. Globally, 317 million accidents happen in the workplace each year. Yet, despite these figures, almost 20% of workers feel that their companies do not provide active and visible support for health and safety in their workplace, and only 60% track their employee’s engagement with safety.

    Pro-Sapien, a global leader in incident management software on SharePoint, are devoting the month to highlight the need for companies to provide staff (especially senior leaders) with the right tools and knowledge to implement a safety culture which will allow organizations to both improve their safety records and instil a message that safety is important from the top down.

    Pro-Sapien will be running several events online throughout the month of November as part of Incident Management Month, including a webinar, guest articles about Incident Management from noted health and safety professionals, online discussions on Twitter via the #IMM2016 hashtag, and a competition to boost employee morale and encourage teamwork. You can enter the competition here:

    More information on the free-to-join event is available here, along with registration:

    Ferguson says:

    “Those on the shop floor will find that reporting incidents is a waste of time unless follow up actions, recommendations or changes are carried out. We hope that Incident Management Month will assist companies become more pro-active in encouraging staff to report incidents and to embody a stronger safety culture and set the standard for colleagues. Incident management not only helps reduce accidents and near misses, but it also boosts staff morale and productivity knowing they are working in an environment of safety.”

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