indian sandstone patio terrible stains

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    I recently had an Indian sandstone patio laid (June 2020); the landscaper, D, told me that the dirty stains covering the slabs were from grouting residue and would wash away in a week or so and I paid my invoice in full; 2 months later they remain. My new patio looks old and dirty. He has sent his father who lives locally (I was lied to that the landscaper is local; he lives in Oldham), to try various cleaning products; none have worked. D now tells me that the manufacturer informs him that the staining, will, in time, weather out. It has already been 2 months since the patio was laid; I am embarrassed for people to see the state of it as I paid a lot of money and have had nothing but stress over this situation, I do not believe that the staining will just disappear and anyway, this is not what I bargained for. I was not told that this was a possibility and it has ruined my enjoyment of the patio. I do not believe that this is fair. He and his father have both said that I am being " over -dramatic" about it!

    Could anyone advise me as to what to do next?

    Thanks so much
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    D sounds like a right D H. Put up a photo showing the extent of the staining.

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