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  1. N0B0DY

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    I currently have an Electric oven on a cooker circuit with a 32 AMP MCB and a Gas Hob on the Kitchen circuit with a 32 AMP MCB. Both are RCD protected. I decide to install and induction Hob and a 13 AMP electric oven, can the Induction Hob use the cooker circuit and the Oven the Kitchen? Or will I have to get a new circuit installed?

    Many Thanks
  2. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    What are the power ratings of the hob and oven?
  3. N0B0DY

    N0B0DY New Member

    Induction Hub 7.2 kw
    Electric Oven 2.3kw
  4. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    7200 + 2300 = 9500W
    9500W / 230V = 41.3A, so too much for a single circuit (you say they're currently only 32A).

    2300 / 230 = 10A, so yes the oven can be plugged into a regular 13A socket on the main kitchen ring. It wouldn't be great to have other power hungry devices on there at the same time for any significant length of time, but things like kettles only take about 3 minutes to boil.

    7200 / 230 = 31A, so could be connected into the cooker circuit provided it's got a minimum of a 4mm2 cable and 32A MCB.

    Obviously this assumes short runs from the MCBs to the appliances, i.e. not much more than 4m.
  5. terrymac

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    You can connect both the oven and the hob to the existing 32 amp cooker circuit . Using a dual appliance connection unit.
  6. MGW

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    My stand alone cooker can draw around 56 amp, but it is still supplied from a 32 amp RCBO, and has never tripped it, as @terrymac says dual appliance connection unit.
  7. sinewave

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    Diversity is key with Cooker circuits.
    Fairly irrelevant what the 'Total' possible draw would be as due to how we use cooking appliances and their individual stats on each hob output and oven you'll never get all on together anyway.

    15kW is the industry max allowable on a 'standard' 6mm 32A circuit so you're more than fine using the existing.
    60A Cooker JB is what you need.
  8. Bazza

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  9. martin88

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    6mm from the board into a cooker switch above worktop, 6mm from this into a dual appliance connector.. feeding hob and oven.
    32 breaker on circuit.

    No problems

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