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Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by PCPlod, May 22, 2021.

  1. PCPlod

    PCPlod New Member

    Hi Everyone

    Just bought one of the new range of Titan Pressure Washers. Specifically, the TTB2200PRW-DSS.
    Fortunately, it is working fine, unlike for some other unfortunate buyers.

    Some people who were interested in buying attachments for it were asking where they could get them from but no-one was able to answer them.

    I have done a bit of research and bought an adapter so I could use an accessory from an old Karcher washer. I can confirm that for at least this particular model, adapters that are compatible with the latest Bosch AQT range will also work with this. This particular fitting design is used by Bosch, Makita Europe, Black & Decker Europe, Greenworks Europe and maybe other manufacturers.

    As Kingfisher/Screwfix/B&Q can't help, if you search for "Bosch AQT" on Ebay, Aliexpress, etc you will be able to look for bits and pieces for this pressure washer and hopefully, the other ones in the current range.

    Beware. This fitting design is not compatible with previous Titan pressure washer models and it is not compatible with older Bosch Aquatak pressure washers. As per usual, I can't/won't take responsibility for anyone purchasing the wrong item. You're on your own, using your own common sense and ability to research properly.

    Adapters are available in plastic and brass, although the plastic ones seem to be more expensive, maybe because of the tooling costs involved.
    AQT Adapter.jpg
  2. Bungo63

    Bungo63 New Member

    I've just bought a plastic bosch adapter from amazon. It costs 13 GBP and connects to the stock/trigger part of the lance. It does not fit on the end of the lance where the nozzles connect.
    It didn't accommodate my Karcher snow foam bottle's plastic bayonet fitting, but it took the KKMoon Chinese knock-off version perfectly.
    The Karcher bayonet needs around 3mm less collar so that it can insert deeper and twist lock.

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