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    I think i will train as an air ventilation installer after this.... will save a lot of trouble in future

    SO this actually explains the leaking fan.... Thanks DIY Dave, I was wondering about that

    D.A.... who are those grumpy looking men on your profile pic?
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    The rest of us are sorry Bunhead asked....
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    Willy E.... that made me laugh!!!

    DA ... i seem to learn something new from you every day... So Bannnon is Bunion in name and Bunion in nature...
  5. Ugly and a pain? Yup, that's him.
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    So... to delight you all further my my Tragi- comedy....:confused::D
    I think its becoming a bit like Black Adder

    My electrician came over and said there was the possibility of separating the ducts.He was not interested in my print outs of the methods you all helped me with and said there was a simple solution

    He said he could separate the ducts by making a little wall extractor fan that goes straight out of the wall.

    He then also said he could just make the little fan in the wall work pulling the air from the kitchen outside with no ducting. As he went outside and said there originally had been a wall fan there.
    He made a hall in the wall and then pulled a lot of insulation out, and was not happy to see that it had been boarded up and stuck with MDF.. he said that he would not be able to take it out, , but all he could do is make little holes in it so its ventilation, so that the fan that he installed in there would b able to push it out of the holes

    I am left with this at the moment.... (pic attached)

    Shall i just tell him to board it up? As if he cant remove the board it wont do much:confused:
  7. bunhead

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    DA you need more cheerful pictures.l.. Here is one

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  8. I wouldn't let him blow a fan through holes drilled in MDF. The air from a working kitchen will be warm and moist and MDF won't thank you for it.

    In any case, it's simply pants.

    The problem is, this guy's a sparky and not a handyman or builder.

    To have your kitchen properly vented through the wall requires a short length of rigid ducting to pass through the cavity - anything less is a cop out and dreadful.

    And this would mean that your cooker hood fan is redundant? Jeepers.
  9. :eek:
  10. bunhead

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    Thank you DA, for you blunt and hilarious advice

    Here is a another picture to cheer you up

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  11. DIYDave.

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    Don’t understand ur last post at all and what the electrician has done - is proposing. Maybe it’s just the way the post has been worded ;)

    ‘Seperate the ducts and make a little wall extractor fan’ ?????

    ‘ make the little fan in the wall work with no ducting’ ???????

    So he’s fitting an additional / new fan for kitchen that goes through cavity wall / MDF with no ducting ????

    Where is the new fan being fitted and how does it extract the air from kitchen ?????

    What size fan is it ...... please don’t say 100mm ??????

    And as DA says, not lining the wall cut out with solid pipe or at least ali flexi duct is bad news, even more so being cavity construction

    Solution is easy in my view and posted yesterday. Take kitchen duct direct to vertical 100mm pipe and out through roof. Use flexi duct or solid pipe, whatever, will be better than current set up

    If ur current cooker hood is not very effective, then look into replacing it in the near future with an upgraded model. The more powerful models use bigger diameter duct to help extract maximum flow, 125-150mm compared to usual 100mm duct

    Oh and no photo attached of this latest stage from ur sparky
  12. bunhead

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    Opps... I was so intent on the giant rabbit and the cute little piglet, that i forgot to post the work!:)

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  13. bunhead

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    Its a 6 inch fan he was talking about...

    the fan is being on one of the walls in the kitchen but not on the same wall as the cooker)

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  14. Is he suggestion removing the duct from the existing extractor hood up in the loft so that the hood is no longer used to vent the kitchen? So that the bathroom then has sole use of the loft ext vent?

    And to compensate he'll fit a powerful 6" wall extractor in the kitchen wall to use instead of the hood?

    If so, then that should 'work', but it's not really a brilliant answer.

    For a start, wall extractors are ugly. Then is won't be targeted above the cooker where you ideally want it. And your extractor hood won't be usable.

    Anyhoo, it's your call. It does look as tho' that hole is lined - can you confirm? But the blockage - that MDF - will need fully removing. Also confirm that the liner goes all the way from the inside wall surface to the outside wall surface.

    But it's still pants.

    Personally, I'd try Dave's idea - fit that Y branch I showed a photo of (it has 'socket' ends on all three points, so can be fitted straight on to a cut vent pipe - just remove the required piece length from the pipe to suit), and mount it high up that vertical pipe. Then run ali ducting from the kitchen extractor to the branch.

    Test it. It might work just like that. If it does, then great - and you might want to then consider adding light insulation to the ducting.

    If it doesn't work, then the symptom will be that some bathroom smells come in to the kitchen, and vice-versa. In which case add a couple of back-flaps - one in the Y's branch, and one at the bottom of the Y.
  15. bunhead

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    Yes DA, he is suggesting to remove the ducting from the existing extractor hood in the loft. So that the bathroom fan has the sole use of the loft vent ,and the kitchen extractor hood which is pretty powerful on strength 3 would be obsolete.

    To answer your question DA
    The extractor fan hole, that he made is lined all the way with a hard plastic.

    Thank you guys... i think I will avoid the kitchen extractor fan idea and ask him to fill in the hole, and insist that he follow my original plans or get someone else.

    DA or anyone, do you think that the new position the duct that goes down to the bathroom is too close?

    If i get someone to amend the ducting, should i just tell them to put the fan in the corner of the bathroom which as where the old fan used to be which is mcuh further away from the kitchen.

    if you look at the attached picture it was way further away (i put a long pale vertical piece of wood to mark the place where the original fan hole to the bathroom was), and the closest route for the air to go would have been directly upwards

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  16. DIYDave.

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    This is turning into a crazy situation and I genuinely feel really bad for you Miss (?) Bun on Head

    Uv now had umpteen people / handymen / electricians / whatever’s, all meddling and clutching at straws and giving you conflicting advice whilst taking your money

    You say the extractor hood on 3 is powerful and the work is 95% done as it’s vented via the loft (but in a stupid configuration)

    So to decommission the cooker hood just for the hell of it just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever - bluddy ridiculous suggestion

    So when ur cooking, but the hood won’t ever be switched on, ur still gonna get steam and grease entering the hood and just lingering inside the hood - the grease will build up and eventually start dripping out the hood like an oil leak on an old banger, whilst steam will condense on and in the hood and drop down onto the hob

    I’m only diy me but I know what I would do to reconfigure the ducting and it would take an hour and maybe £20 in parts

    I’m sure ur totally fed up with situation and somewhat confused by all the suggestions - both on here and face to face with all those bodgers - crazy crazy situation Miss Bun :)
  17. Sparkielev

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    For what your paying for the extra fan in kitchen you could of paid to have duct run separately through roof
  18. bunhead

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    Dave-You may call me Bun -on -a head if you wish!! :D

    Very sadly I am a girl with no DIY knowledge.

    I greatly appreciate all the advice I got on here,as I had absolutely no idea what had gone wrong with the work and why this problem kept happening all the time with whoever I called out

    I think maybe the problem is that I got people in who didnt really know what they were doing, and I could not direct them as i have absolutely no knowledge of DIY
  19. bunhead

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    Does any one of you live in London or know anyone i can trust to do this? I do have a much deeper understanding know of what went wrong, and what to ask for to get it corrected but I just don’t want someone who will screw me around again.
  20. Dr Bodgit

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    Where in London roughly?

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