inline fan/ condensation trap/ ducting /botch job

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by bunhead, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. bunhead

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    I am in East London, near Poplar
  2. Sparkielev

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    Is your extractor hood on a outside wall ?
  3. bunhead

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    Unfortunately not Sparkiliev
  4. Sparkielev

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    Still say it cheaper to run separate duct than fit a fan in wall and neater
  5. bunhead

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    Thanks Sparkie... I will concentrate on the separate duct... i do not want grease still going into he kitchen hood even if its no longer in use and dripping downlike someone pointed out
  6. To be 'fair' to the other fitters, the job they took on was always going to be a bit of a compromise, since they had to feed two separate extractors in to a single external outlet.

    Having said that, their solutions were of the worse possible kind. (One even had a Tee fitted the wrong way around...)

    Bun's latest sparky solution is at least a 'solution' - it would work. But surely the loss of the proper cooker hood isn't worth it.

    Buns, where is that outside 'vent hole' wall in relation to the cooker hood - is there any chance of running a solid (a flattish rectangular type) from the hood to that wall?

    But, as Dave say, for such little cost and relatively little effort, it is surely worth trying the 'running separate ducts as far as a new Y branch, fitted high up that final vent pipe' solution?

    There is, however, no guarantee that it will work. If the flow from that in-line fan produces a slight pressure rise in the last stage of the ext pipe beyond the Y branch, then 'foul' air will look to do back down the other duct and end up in the kitchen. The opposite could happen too - the wind on the roof over that external grill could well increase the standing pressure there, so some of even the kitchen extractor's venting could end up back in the bathroom.

    (I fitted an in-line extractor in my main bathroom a few months back which vents out a vent-slate which I thankfully had fitted when we recovered the roof a number of years back. More often that not there's a breeze coming through that ceiling vent - right on to your head when at the basin...)

    However, if these 'back-flaps' work - if they DO stop air going the wrong way, and also open reliably in the right direction - then that should prevent the issues mentioned before. In this case all that's needed for a proper solution is a Y branch and two backflaps (and a length of ducting to extend the kitchen vent).

    I hope there's someone on here who'll take on this job.

    (Poplar? Lived there for a year as One Canada Square was being built - the piledrivers drove us nuts...)
  7. bunhead

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    So.... I am thinking that I will kidnap you DA:)

    You could revisit your old stomping ground!!

    Yes looking at the layout there would be the possibility of running a flattish rectangular pipe to the hole in the wall but it would look very ugly, unless it has disguised which would be expensive

    Also the electrician said though that his ladder was not high enough and that if he removed the wood then the external grill would fall off /or be damaged, did i mind if there was a hole in the hall on the outside with no grid etc:eek:
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    Whatever the ransom, we're not paying!
    Second thoughts, I suspect that we could raise some funds - for you to keep him! Just keep him away from the internet....
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    DA makes me laugh... Also he could fix my Franken-fan problems... so kidnapping would go ahead!:)
  10. Hey, I'd be happy to hand myself over just to get the bludy thing done...

    Sadly, I am needed on this forum to keep the Brexiteers in check :).

    (Anyhoo, Willy PM'd me to say he's started a fundraiser just in case...)
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    Oh no DA... What a profile picture!!

    I hope we never feel as grim as this (see pic)

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