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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by SomeOfTheGear, Oct 1, 2021.

  1. Mr Rusty

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    OK I'll add my 2p. The whole electricians/regulations/qualifications system is arguably the direct cause of more unsafe DIY wiring than ever before. By making the qualifications and expertise more difficult to obtain, inevitably you increase the "worth" of highly competent tradespeople. Problem is, these highly trained people now need to earn good money every day.

    Now, as joe public, try getting a proper sparks just to fit one new socket, or change a light fitting on a 2-way circuit. Real world is it is almost impossible because by the time you factor in all the travel etc, the job is uneconomic, so no-one wants to do it. (and similarly is why we hear about "£150 to change a lightbulb" in PFI hospitals). Multi talented handymen won't usually touch electrics because of liability. Result, it gets DIYd because there is no choice.
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    To be honest I have a suspicion that B&Q etc have an interest in this. Remember the days when only an electrician could buy cables and sockets etc from a merchant. The DIY market is massive in terms of sales of accessories and cables. The manufacturers have a get out clause of "should be fitted by a qualified electrician" Yet Part P and notifiable work becomes ridiculous when anyone can walk into B&Q or any other store and buy a fuseboard or armoured cable or sockets and cables. No wonder people wont pay for a sparks to fit a socket etc when they can buy the gear for a couple of pounds.
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    Probably the same era when magazines like "practical householder" had articles about how to do a rewire - I have some from late 50's early 60's with exactly that. And, of course, it is only fairly recently that joe public didn't have to fit a plug to every appliance they bought. I'm in my 60's and never remember a time when I couldn't buy electrical bits.

    IMHO we should admit that there are some "low level" jobs that don't really stretch the skill level required, and encourage good practice and basic testing.
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    Agree to a certain extent, there are those who would be suitable to undertake low level jobs and those that are not. even something as simple as not tightening screw terminals can result in a fire, those who know you can leave an earth terminal unconnected and it will still work then only realise that that earth terminal was actually important when it has become too late. However with all that said, the fact remains that there is absolutely nothing stopping anyone doing anything they feel they can do unless of course you want to join a scheme and do electrical work for payment. Then there is every obsticle placed in front of you to prevent you from doing so without you paying out a small fortune to someone.
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    There can’t be as the regs cover the building of the Shard or the building of a shed.
  6. bright_Spark

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    Yes but that is to do with the wiring regs, as a qualified electrician I can work on either, where does adequate start on stop with no such qualifications.

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