Installing an electric shower outside for the dog?!

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by rama, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. rama

    rama New Member

    The last job I did was taking out a 10.5kw electric shower and installing a mixer. The old shower works fine etc. I was wondering about putting it outside at home for washing the dog. It is a complete pain putting her in the bath, and then she shakes and runs round the house like a loon. I have a space on the fuseboard. It was the possible cold damage to the shower that concerns me as obviously it is waterproof. Any thoughts?
  2. Andy Fish

    Andy Fish New Member

    Can't see any reason why not, as you suggest as long as the electrics are ok, there is just the risk of freezing.
    Why don't you put a stopcock just before where the cw goes out through the wall, and turn it off when v cold. Try and come straight onto the shower with little or no exposed outside pipe?
    Then there is just the risk of a problem with the internal vessel.

  3. Bob Property

    Bob Property New Member

    I think you'll find the manufacturer's instruction say something along the lines of "must not be installed where there is possibility of freezing". I'd check with manufacturer's first before buying anything.
  4. rama

    rama New Member

    The shower does say exactly that. i have not bought the shower - just kept it, instead of throwing it away. If it is drained when there is freezing weather, so you think that it would be ok?
  5. Bob Property

    Bob Property New Member

    Don't know. There would be no guarantee off the manufacturer either way (too old or not installed according to instructions). I'd be worried that some water will sit in part of the shower and break something the first time it freezes, therefore wasting all your effort.
  6. britishblue

    britishblue New Member

    Can't you have the shower indoors and the hose and sprayhead outdoors.

  7. ezecool

    ezecool New Member

    I would stick a mixer or TMV3 valve indoors, feeding out to a standard outside tap. This will allow you to stick a hose pipe and standard fittings on.

    You can also benefit from hot car washing if you have high pressure hot water. Thats what I do!

    Stick the electric shower on ebay.
  8. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    could you not have a hot and cold outside tap?? Then you just mix it with a cheap shower hose connected to both.

    I was thinking of having a hot outside tap for the very same reason.
  9. I do have to say that fitting a hot tap outside and a simple mixer hose would be my choice!

    My dog has to get in the bath but looks for all other ways out when told to "get in the bath".

    If she is naughty I tell her "you need a bath" and she suddenly behaves much better!

  10. barnet bill

    barnet bill New Member

    You could build a box with insulation in it,put lift off brackets on the wall and only take it off when you wash the dog.
  11. i think the best way is to insatll inside, run a rigid pipe through wall, then put shower hose & rose on this
  12. britishblue

    britishblue New Member

    Spike, you're five posts behind me.


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