Installing B&Q bath

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Danny32, Sep 15, 2021.

  1. Danny32

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    No just progress update :D
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  2. just pumps

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    God help us then at the rate you are progressing. :D
  3. Danny32

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    Yeah, maybe just update then.
    Plumber could have done it last week but I was having aircon fitted. Too much going on.
    Unavailable now so just doing it as and when.
  4. DIYDave.

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    If the bath panel really won’t fit without ridiculously jamming it in - which will cause it to bow and possibly crack - then you will have to trim it down - no other options and this is common

    Both ends of panel will have a moulded return and this gives the panel stability. Depending on the quality of the panel, it may remain fairly rigid after trimming or, it may be as floppy as a sheet of cheap printer paper ?

    Either way, add additional battens to wall, inside the panel for support and a fixing point

    Yes the panel is curved so screw to wall 3 short lengths of batten, just need 100mm sections or so, top, middle and bottom

    Fit panel after trimming, pencil line around outside of panel, then fit your battens 2/3mm inside the pencil line (depending on thickness of panel

    Can neaten up cut edge if necessary with a neat, thin bead of silicon after painting walls

    Depending on fixing method of panel, additional fixings may or may not be needed after trimming panel

    If needed, 1 or 2 mirror type screws with the chrome caps look fine - use the flat caps as these look way better than the 1970s chrome dome fixings !

    SF sell a range in chrome, satin, etc and flat ….

    Your Diy’ing this and learning along the way so fair play mate, it’s gonna be a fantastic achievement when completed so all good

    For all we know, your juggling this refurb along with the day job, family life, and a hundred other things that get in the way

    Sure, a pro would have had this cracked out in a fraction of the time but he’s likely to have fitted a 100 baths previously and can crack on whilst he’s on site with limited other distractions - it’s his job after all
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  5. Danny32

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    Thanks for the reply. Helps a lot.
    It’s not so much job, family etc but trades availability and budget.
    Unfortunately I can’t afford the aircon and a quick bathroom refit. Usual route for most that don’t DIY is huge outlay and fairly quick turnaround for obvious reasons.
    I’m kinda roughing it, saving £5k in the process and yes, learning along the way.

    The bathroom was dreadful when I bought the property over two years ago.
    70’s units, leaking loo pipe, swollen subfloor, carpet, bidet, cast iron bath and badly installed underfloor waste piping with no fall.
    Probably a £7-8k job if going with a company.
    Taking me months and have paid out for subfloor install, waste pipe routing, plastering and electrical wiring only.
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    Why are u so rude. He has come on here for help and is updating the several people that are giving him advice. If you don’t have any thing constructive to say then don’t bother commenting.
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  7. WillyEckerslike

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    You can get round the middle leg by rotating the waste outlet slightly when it's installed so instead of the outlet pointing straight down the bath, it's slightly to one angle. Coupled with the pieces you need to clear the forward leg you will be able to clear both. Rotating angled fittings allows you to move the pipe in two planes, not just one. Just make sure you maintain your falls though.
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  8. Danny32

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    Yes, plus the new installed pipe sticking out the floor is solvent weld size.
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  9. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Solvent weld is commonly used in such settings as when fitted correctly, which isn’t difficult but as ever, follow basic good practice methods, it won’t ever leak / which is especially good news in areas that will be inaccessible in the future, say, under floorboards

    Can be some slight differences in outside pipe diameter between the brands, simply down to the thickness of the plastic used in production

    Best to stick to one brand throughout, but not always possible as you may not know what brand is coming out the floor but, all the new pipe/fittings, stick to one brand

    If you mix and match, some fittings will be incredibly tight on the pipe, probably wouldn’t leak even just as a friction fit (but not recommended obviously)

    Other fittings will be nicely snug whilst others may be positivity loose - just can’t tell until you have a ‘dry run’

    Always have a dry run for obvious reasons as once glued up, that’s it - you only get one shot !

    Any angled joints that need exact orientation between fitting and pipe, once all lined up dry, pencil mark/sharpie/ along pipe and fitting so once glued, exact position is obvious

    Cut pipe ends square and neat
    Remove burrs of plastic
    Generously glue pipe and fittings
    Ensure full pipe insertion
    Slight twisting motion as pushing pipe in
    Work fast - glue starts to bond in approx 20 seconds
    Ensure any pencil marks you’ve made line up exactly between pipe and fitting
    Blah blah blah and etc :)
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  10. pppmacca43

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    Good clear advice given Dave. Fair play:)

    like u say sometimes different brands can be tight, if the OP is sticking to screwfix and toolstation though they are fine to mix.
    My advice would be I find the fittings on them ones can be quite loose so make sure they don’t move after glueing by either holding them steady or supporting/clipping until the glue has set
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  11. Danny32

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    Yes, sticking to Toolstation for 40mm pipe and adapters. The 92.5 degree angle piece I bought fits nice on the pipe out the subfloor.
    It’s a little tighter on the main one.
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    What has it got to do with you other than launching yet another attack on me.
    The forum as it is is a help and advice forum (Questions and Answers) which keeps it flowing, however there is a sub forums for project photos or there is real life for chit chat.
    Haha, Or what? You really ought to apply that last line to yourself, people in glass houses throwing stones!

    If you disagree then report it.
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    Erm, so nobody uses solvent weld pipe cleaner then.
  14. just pumps

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    Only when justified.

    Are you going to keep posting non constructive twaddle just to get your post count up?
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    Like this u mean? You have only come on this thread to belittle the OP putting his progress up. Now let’s leave it, the OP needs advice and doesn’t need his thread spammed up
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    God you are hard work or do you only see what you want see.

    It is bad manners editing your posts after they have quoted!
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    Edited at 3:51 u posted at 3:55:cool:. Again stop spamming.
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    Takes time to let the dogs out and make coffee so your timing is wrong
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    I mean the computer doesn’t lie.

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    Once again you dont get it! :(

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