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    I want to install an electric towel rail and control it from my hive system. We have an RCD consumer unit. Can we install a 13A RCD switched socket outside of the bathroom (e.g. as a spur in a cupboard in a different room) then run the flex from the towel rail through a flex outlet plate in the bathroom and either under floorboards or through the loft, into the cupboard. Then attach a 13A plug to the remote end of the flex, plug this into a Hive active plug, and plug that into the RCD switched socket (link below)? Thanks for your advice.
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    You don't need to use an rcd socket if your c/unit provides rcd protection.
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    Careful. Most electrical work in a bathroom is notifiable to the local authority.
    You may need to tell them about this before you start work, and they will want to inspect the work before during and afterwards.
    Most people find that its less hassle and cheaper to have a registered electrician do the job and look after the paperwork.!
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    Must say if you do fit an electric towel rail in bathroom - then rcd trip time and indeed general verification of the whole caboodle should be carried would be pertinent to snap a wander croc on the rail, as well as the trip time tests etc.

    However the sparks who verifies it will perform all relevant tests before writing out the perhaps the above I have typed is a pointless.
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    What you are looking for is a member of a Competent Persons Scheme covering electrics.
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    can a 100 watt towel rail be installed directly to a standard 13 amp switched socket or is there more involved ?
  7. Bazza

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    Hello Mr Destroyer

    It would have been better to start your own topic but

    Yes but
    there are some things that need to be considered
    • You cannot have a 13A socket inside a bathroom unless it is more than 3metres from the bath/shower (do you have a very big room?)
    • The circuit must be protected by a 30mA RCD
    • If the towel rail is inside the bathroom zones, then this is notifiable work and should be carried out by a registered electrician who has to notify the work to the Local Authority
    • What about a timer, or will you have the rail switched on 24 hours a day?
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    It can be connected to a lighting circuit. 100W is nothing in terms of load. Use a 3A fuse on the fcu. Either tap off a nearby socket outside the bathroom on to an fcu or run a wire down from the loft off the lighting circuit to a switched fcu. As long as the towel rail has a 30mA RCD on the circuit, either on the circuit supplying it or at the fcu if not, you will be fine. Add a timer if you like or get a modern element that has it all built in.
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