Installing extra Aerial Sockets.

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by jeff_w, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. jeff_w

    jeff_w New Member

    I have analogue aerial in my living room downstairs, and I need to put extra points in one bedroom upstairs and another in a room downstairs, I'm just wondering if the signal weakens the more sockets you put on, can anyone shed any light on this, if so how to overcome the problem. Thanks to all that reply.
  2. I Hate Bodgers

    I Hate Bodgers New Member

    Jeff W

    I've had more than three from one main cable/aerial before without any discernible difference in picture quality.

    Even if quality does drop, you can always fit a booster. These are relatively inexpensive (£30'ish) and just plug into any one of the aerial sockets plus a 240v power socket
  3. Urgh!! Being a video/sound tec I hate the sound of splitters!

    When I was younger, a specialist aerial man said to me "don't listen to electricians about aerials, they think everything runs of a main".

    Enough said.

    If I were you, I'd run a cable to each off a booster in a central location (pref. near ya aerial). That was you will have the best picture quality possible, and won't have any problems if you upgrade to digital tv in the future.
  4. Steve da Geez

    Steve da Geez New Member

    I agree with "Professional" DIYer,

    I have (temporarily) spliced an extension aerial into my system. When it's connected to another TV then the picture quality suffers. When it's not connected then it doesn't have too much of a detrimental effect. The problem is that the signal from the aerial is finite, and when you load it with two TVs then the amount available for both is shared between them. It may be that you have a high gain aerial and are in a strong reception area, and could live with it. If not, then a booster/splitter is definitely the solution.

    You could make the splice at a location that you could easily fit a booster at, and if you don't like the performance bung one in.

  5. ADSL Nation

    ADSL Nation New Member

    You can't use analouge signal boosters for digital TV signal i.e Freeview.
  6. You can't use analouge signal boosters for digital TV signal i.e Freeview

    Nope, but it ain't hard to install a new booster/setup when all the cables are in one place.

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