Installing Kilma Underfloor Heating Foil for Wooden Floor onto existing ring

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    Hi there

    I have a very basic understanding of electrics, but am looking to install this product:

    In the room it is going in was a fairly modern electric wall mounted heater which I have removed. It is on its own feed from the fuse board (all the other heaters in the flat have a fuse each). Would it be possible to connect the mat up to this source or would I need either a spur or a higher voltage ring to power it? I've attached photos of the wiring and the fuse it runs off.

    The product says it runs at 230V so is this the vital thing to be looking for when buying this type of product to connect up to the existing wiring?

    Sorry if the terminology is a little off, but I hope you guys get the idea!

    Thanks in advance.

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    The first thing to do is work out the draw on the current for your installation. The matting you are using draws 120W per m2, or 0.5A per m2. Work out the total m2 of matting being used and times by 0.5A to get the total current draw. This will indicate the MCB required for the circuit. For example, if you are doing a room 14m2, this would draw 7A of current. A BS1362 13A fuse can be fitted in the connection plate and covered by the 16A MCB in the board.

    Secondly, the manufacturer requires the installation to be on an RCD device. I would use something like this as your connection device, replacing your existing fuse spur, ensuring that the fuse fitted is correctly rated for the current draw (as per the example given above). The connection plate requires a 35mm backbox, which your dry-liner should be.

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