Installing my first RSJ

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Andy Brierley, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Andy Brierley

    Andy Brierley New Member

    E6B3A220-12D4-47B3-8EBD-787AFD9B4FAF.jpeg 611F82EC-BD6D-49BD-ABD6-FE87D11DD3FB.jpeg CFC25EB2-AEDF-42C5-A148-B56E9F4EA72C.jpeg 43352C67-D781-4BCB-8455-DB16FF488358.jpeg BC9E29CF-8BAD-4544-923C-2AB6B4B2B8FC.jpeg Hi. I’m after a little advise regarding my first steel for a wall I’ve removed between kitchen and dining room. Have had structural engineer who has done calcs and given beem size of 203x102x23 UB and padstones of 100x70x200. My comes now after I’ve removed the wall I have found wooden lintels where I want to fit padstones. On one end the wood lintels are transverse and at ceiling height and the other end it is a longitudinal beem that bridges the doorway into the lounge. Is it ok to fit padstone on the pillar with a wooden beem in it? Pictures explain it all a bit more. If anyone can give me an idea of the next steps. TIA
  2. dobbie

    dobbie Well-Known Member

    You are going to have to get back to the Structural Engineer,he should have known better that there would be lintel above the door and window.

    You cannot cut the timber in the first photo as it is taking the brickwork upstairs,as I see it, you will either need to build a pier or put in a vertical steel fixed to the horizontal one, but specified by an engineer who knows what he is doing.You will also need a footing for either method and be tied to existing wall.
  3. xednim

    xednim Active Member

    in my opinion it will be no, your wall will crack for sure, you will need to remove section of the lintel and fill it up with something like 40N concrete, if you won't do so vertical crack will appear above the door frame
  4. Andy Brierley

    Andy Brierley New Member

    Thanks for your replies. I have spoken with SE and he is coming to have another look. He did mention on the phone one option of moving the rsj along to miss the end of the wooden lintel as the joists are continuos. The other end would then be bearing on a single skin wall through to the lounge.
  5. gas monkey

    gas monkey Well-Known Member

    it looks on the first pic the timbers go both ways due to the lip hack a bit more off to see
  6. Andy Brierley

    Andy Brierley New Member

    I agree it does look a bit like that in the picture. They definitely don’t go any further right but in any case I think we have a solution.

    SE came to have another look last night and we decided on an engineering brick pier 215x215 tied into the wall with a wall starter. The other end he says will be fine bearing on the doorway wooden lintel as the padstone will be fitted on the corner where it meets the long wall going the other way. I may cut it back and build back with engineering bricks anyway to be safe.

    Any other thoughts welcome

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