Installing New Sink Unit and Worktop

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Sam, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Sam

    Sam Guest

    I'm a plumber a do not have much experience of installing sink unit. Usually I just fit the sinks and sort out all the related plumbing.

    I'm going to be installing a new sink unit, sink and work top over the weekend for a friend. I will need secure the new unit to the wall, cut-out a hole in the worktop for the sink and secure the worktop to the unit.
    The worktop will also have an overlap at one end for a washing machine which, I assume, will need to be supported.

    I'm looking for advice on how to secure the sink unit to the wall, securing the worktop to the sink unit and supporting the part of the worktop that will overhang the washing machine.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Jimbo

    Jimbo Active Member

    Sam, I'm only a diyer but...

    Screw the base unit to wall using either a couple of angle brackets or some wall unit hanger things.

    Screw the worktop to the sink base unit, up through the bar across the top at the front and maybe a couple of angle brackets at the back if no other units. Obviously check the screw lengths!

    Support the end with an end panel. Basically piece of white coated chipboard (or to match the units). Should be available from kitchen supplier. A few angle brackets to the worktop and back wall. Don't put a wooden batton along the wall to support the worktop, since this could prevent the appliance pushing all the way back.

    In case the floor isn't very flat under the end panel, you can scribe it to the shape of the floor (sorry if telling you how to suck eggs).

    - Draw a level line along the wall at the top of the sink unit, ie bottom of worktop, across to the end panel

    - Hold un-cut end panel up to wall, ensure level across top

    - Using a compass (preferably the type with the little screw thingy), set the compass width to the gap between the line on the wall and the top of the support panel which will hopefully be a bit higher

    - Hold the compass with the spike against the floor, pencil directly vertical above it, and mark along the depth of the board

    - Then cut along the line, and the end panel will sit perfectly on the floor. Repeat against wall if required.

    Check you leave enough width for the washer, say 630mm, and enough height - maybe 870mm. Also check clearances to open the soap dish etc.

  3. Stretch

    Stretch New Member


    You should be able to secure the sink unit to the wall by means of a couple of angle brackets fixed to the inside of the carcase then drilled into the wall.

    The worktop can usually be fixed to the sink unit by driving a couple of 1.5 x no 8 screws up through the front rail of the sink unit into the underside of the worktop. Quite often there are two pre drilled holes in the front rail specifically for this.

    With regards to the washing machine.....

    If the washing machine is adjacent to a wall the screw a thin piece of batten to the side wall and fix the worktop to the batten with a couple of angle brackets.
    If the washing machine is not next to a wall you'll need to use an end support panel in matching material to the carcase or just get a 6ft x 2ft piece of conti board from any of your local DIY stores and cut it to the right height. Fix a couple of angle brackets to the inside of the end panel at the back, then fix to the wall. Fix another angle bracket to the inside of the end panel at the top and fix it to the underside of the worktop.

    Easy as that!! Hope this helps.

  4. Stretch

    Stretch New Member


    For a DIYer you seem surprisingly competent!!
  5. Jimbo

    Jimbo Active Member

    Thanks for the compliment Stretch, its reading this forum that's done it - and just having a go!
  6. Sam

    Sam Guest

    Thankyou very much for the replies Jimbo and Stretch. You've both been a great help. :)
  7. Punda

    Punda New Member

    Fit your sink before you fit worktop it is easier than trying to fit when in place.
  8. Sam

    Sam Guest


    Thanks for the post but I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do you I should cut the hole for the sink and secure it into the worktop before securing the worktop to the base unit ?

    Thanks again
  9. Bonzo

    Bonzo New Member

    I'm sure Punda means to fit your sink into the worktop before you fix worktop to unit/end panel. Its easier to cut out for sink if can still move worktop. It's also easier to fit the sink clips if you can lift worktop to gain easier access to them. Everyone knows it's a pain to get to these clips if the worktop is already fixed in place. Good luck.

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