Installing toilet - cast iron / PVC

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  1. Chris12321

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    I would like to replace the toilet (link below) with a new one and connect to the existing cast iron downpipe. I also need to tile behind the toilet (there's only one toilet in the house), and would therefore like some kind of flexible connection so i can temporarily reposition the toilet when I tile.

    What is the best way to achieve this and where should i cut the soil pipe (before the flange or between the flange and pan of toilet)? The new toilet has a 102mm diameter outlet

    I was thinking of using one of the product below but am unsure which is most suitable

    Thanks for reading!
  2. The Teach

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    It should be possible to tile the majority of the wall with the cistern/pan in situ-then carry out tiling behind the cistern&pan while its out out and you are scratching your head at how to fit the new unknown quality china ware goes back in.

    plenty of quality mcalpine pan connectors of different angles.lengths adaptability on the market.not favouring using a pan pulled away from a wall with dubious unknown water inlet and maybe an overflow o_O

    Buy quality products and you will not need diy forums to rectify material faults-:p
  3. kiaora

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    Maybe double check the diameter of the iron pipe first

    Some iron pipes are not 4” but only 3 :1/2”
    Not a lot around but they are!

    And if you only have one pan be prepared

    Good luck
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  4. Chris12321

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    Thankyou for your help. Am I best to cut the pipe to the left of the flange or to the right so the flange remains on the down pipe with an angle grinder
    Thanks, Chris

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