Insulating concrete flat roof (outhouse)

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by RJH147, Mar 2, 2020.


Would you recommend warm or inverted warm insulation

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  1. RJH147

    RJH147 New Member

    I'm an amateur diy'er, seeking advice on the best method for insulating the roof of a 3m square outhouse building.

    We moved in 2 years ago and have suffered mould damage that the previous owners had hidden :rolleyes:. We've since removed the mould, dried and emptied the room, stripped the paint back, applied a new base coat and mould resistant paint (if such a thing truly exists).

    Condensation has however been returning as we have the tumble dryer in this area and currently only one small radiator. My intention is to install another radiator in the worse affected room, insulate the walls with Kingspan insulation board and plaster boards. But I feel that the main issue is a result of the cold concrete slab roof.

    Would people advise on creating a warm roof system or inverted warm roof system, and based on which, what product and method would you recommend? Links, videos and jargon busting would be greatly appreciated.
  2. JustPhil

    JustPhil Active Member

    First things first, tumble drier should not be producing condensation. It is either a vented type, in which case it should be vented to outside, or it is a condensing type which should be condensing into a drain.
  3. RJH147

    RJH147 New Member

    Condensor drying but its just heat difference between the room and the cold roof.

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