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    Hello. My first post so hoping I have done it right!

    We have just moved into a cottage built in 1790. We have moved from a new build so used to central heating and insulation!

    The childrens bedrooms are on the ground floor. When we first moved in we tried to lift the boards to insulate underneath. However there is only a 50mm void under the joists and narrow spacing between. The boards were also really difficult to remove. As it was the summer we left it and sealed the gaps with pva and sawdust mix and painted the boards.

    Now winter is approaching draughts are showing. We have decided to carpet the kids bedrooms (partly to help with draughts and partly because kids were moaning it's not homely!).

    I've been looking into options. First one being a decent underlay. Will this help to any noticeable degree? Ive looked up the highest tog rating (about 3).
    Another would be the foil layer insulation under the underlay. I've not really seen this used in floors. The third option would be 25mm of Celotex or equivalent with boarding on top. How thick should the boarding be?

    Cost wise we are on a limited budget. Skills wise... we are pretty good at DIY or have friends that can help us. So to summarise and non draughty floor that doesnt lose the heat as cheaply as possible please!

    Thanks in advance
  2. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    I assume that the battens that the boards are fixed to are on a concrete base. If so, take up all of the board and fill between the battens with a hard insulating material such as celotex, then fit a breathable barrier allowing the moisture to travel upwards into the room, re fit the boards or any other floor surface you chose. Oh yes, run the membrane up the wall behind the skirting board.

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