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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Alllfff, Oct 4, 2021.

  1. Alllfff

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    I would like to insulate small roof that is above a partial extension in which my kitchen is. Similar to the 1 and 3A insulation in the picture below. I think I am clear and understand what should be done where 1 meets 3 and where 1 meets 3A, however I am not sure about start and end of 3A insulation. Should 3A go all the way from kitchen's ceiling plasterboard as high as it can go to the roof and touch/seal if possible?

    Additional info:
    insulation 1 will be roll of mineral wool insulation, 3A I plan to use kingspan or similar. Red line is an external wall. Wall between arrows does not exist. Space above 1 is ventilated through soffits. Small roof has flashing to the red wall.
  2. GookieMonster

    GookieMonster Member

    Just leave it slightly short, shouldnt touch the felt, as with the top corner at the top of wall 3 the insulation should not touch the felt , to allow a little airflow
  3. Alllfff

    Alllfff New Member

    Thank you for your help. What is the best way to attach the kingspan to the brick wall? I was thinking a bead of expansion foam?
  4. GookieMonster

    GookieMonster Member

    You could plug and screw it on with some washers to hold firm
  5. Alllfff

    Alllfff New Member

    Thank you. So I stuck a camera on a stick in there and the "red line wall" is a bit more complicated than I thought.

    Do you think I'm OK to seal the beam and wall along the green line and then seal kingspan between the beams along the yellow line? Thank you

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