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Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by AshleyL, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. AshleyL

    AshleyL New Member

    I’m looking for some advice and some second opinions please.....

    Today my plans have been passed for a new large workshop/garage it’s going to be block work cavity walls with a render external finish, I have all the plans and ideas in my head of how each stage will go but where I’m doubting myself is with regards to insulation?

    I know and understand that insulation does not make a room warm and that you need a heat source and that the insulation helps keep the heat from that heat source in, I plan on having some good electric oil radiators.

    Insulation prices atm are ridiculous and I’m not looking to skimp on the quality of this build but also do not want to spend money in the wrong places.

    In my head I’m thinking don’t bother with the walls and just do 100mm under the concrete floor slab to stop the ground sucking the heat out and making it really cold under foot and then 100mm or 120mm in the roof to bounce the heat back in and stop it rising through and out of the roof.

    What do you guys think? Any help, advice or opinions are appreciated.
  2. jonathanc

    jonathanc Screwfix Select

    Use dritherm in cavity and build walls from Dense block outside and thermal block inside. easy and cheap
  3. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Building control will advise
  4. AshleyL

    AshleyL New Member

    Yes I’ve put building regs application in today, but I didn’t know if they would go a bit OTT
  5. AshleyL

    AshleyL New Member

    Thermal block is expensive for not much u-value in my experience?
  6. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Either way you need to do as they say. Most are cool though if you are cool with them. If they tell you to go belt and braces then that's what you need to do. Don't worry about it. You want it done correctly
  7. b4xtr

    b4xtr Active Member

    And would they be a bit soft for workshop walls ?
  8. AshleyL

    AshleyL New Member

    I didn’t think of that, it wouldn’t be the best for fixing racking and shelving to.

    I was going to do block on flat and that obviously wouldn’t have been insulated but I’m going for cavity not simply to stop water tracking through.
  9. WayneBB

    WayneBB New Member

    Got to disagree with the comment Insulation Prices ATM are ridiculous as prices on like for like products have not gone up much in recent years, perhaps not even at the rate of inflation. Where are you shopping?

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