Integrated Intel Graphics - a permanent compromise?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Allsorts, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    Yeah, I know.

    BUT, I have almost arrived at a PC to do the job...

    Thing is, one has no room for expansion - ie no dedicated graphics card provision - whereas the other is larger and has 'slots'.

    Both are i7-7700 (yup - going for the biggie :) ) but one will always be stuck with HD630 integrated graphics whereas the other has room for an add-on card.

    This is my Q; does going for a CPU - i7-7700 - which HAS integrated Graphics (like HD630) then forever compromise the ability of that CPU?

    Ie - even if I later add a graphics card to this CPU, will the CPU be a 'lesser' device because part of it had been 'taken up' by the integrated graphics, which will then be useless when I've added a new card?

    Is there an i7-7700 which works better because it doesn't have int graph from the start?

    Yup - I'm at a basic level...
  2. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Fer Christ sake it's a machine to play online bridge on.
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  3. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member


    It is a high end gaming cpu, totally excessive & overkill!
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  4. Harry Stottle

    Harry Stottle Screwfix Select

    I‘m looking for a faster replacement herzian digital snagger that will prevent the sliding vang from registering resonating spill waves. They are only made by Veeblefenster AG and there’s a waiting list of 73 years. I need a solution quickly and I thought of using a compressed tortendyne speed flatterer at 600 rpm in conjunction with nylocentric spin resistors. Has anyone tried that solution?
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  5. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Nah, tried that once, although very close to a solution, it just doesn’t quite match the exact frequency, nor is stable enough to be of any use. I did find that if I replaced the compressed tortendyne speed flatterer with a neutrologic rate flatterer, then the stability was fine. Even then at 600 rpm, the resulting resonating spill waves tended to wear out the nylocentric spin resistors. I did try incorporating a few quadsistors in parallel with a couple of old nand gates,,, but still couldn’t play bridge online or off for that matter.
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  6. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    No. It's just fabricated nonsense that passes time.
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  7. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    I know. I KNOW!

    It's just what I have to do... :oops:
  8. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    You actually made all that up yourself?!

    I have grudging respect.

    A teeny weeny bit.
  9. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    In Your Honest Opinion.

    What does your 'honest opinion' count for?


    And Filly - of course - 'liked' it.
  10. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    Of course, Filly liked it.
    He does tend to like things that ring true.
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  11. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Stand up to the woman. Get her summat with an i3 processor, built in graphics card and put a sticker on from a granny smith's apple from Asda.
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  12. Allsorts

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    There's only one ring you lot are interested in.

    And that's - possibly - true...
  13. Allsorts

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  14. HarDeBloodyHarHar

    HarDeBloodyHarHar Active Member

    Another insult.
  15. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    I find that insulting.

    That was nothing like an insult. You wanna insult?

    Not from me, 'cos I'm well kind.
  16. HarDeBloodyHarHar

    HarDeBloodyHarHar Active Member

  17. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    Anyhoo, what do you think of Nan's potential new bridge-playing and email-writing PC?
  18. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    ? I counted 10 USBs.

    And who needs a graphics card? For now...
  19. HarDeBloodyHarHar

    HarDeBloodyHarHar Active Member

    It says in the specs 1 usb 2.0. No others. It also says VGA, nothing else!
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  20. Allsorts

    Allsorts Super Member

    Good point - I was hoping they got the spec wrong... :oops:

    It does show a DisplayPort port, but I'd better check :eek:

    Straight-forward, I understand, to link a DP to HDMI using a cheap adaptor.

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