Integrated washing machine replacement

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    PXL_20210911_112348249.jpg PXL_20210911_112354606.jpg Hello,

    We found previously installed washing machine to be very noisy and problematic and the retailer agreed to replace it for us (it's They sent their own installers and they have connected the new washing machine.

    Hinges to the door didn't seem to fit same places, so the images attached are the result of the fitting. This looks terrible to me, but is this the best that could be done? Is it acceptable?

    Thanks for your professional opinion on this.
  2. kitfit1

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    It's a different washing machine and the hinge positions will 100% be different. The only way you will get a perfect finish is to buy and fit a new door.
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    Totally NOT a professional opinion lol

    but if it really bothers you (it would me!:D) you could always fill and gently sand the offending area and cover with vinyl wrap? From or the like

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