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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by no comment, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. no comment

    no comment New Member

    intergas boilers anyone fitted these  ?.. are they any good  ?   not seen one yet they look/sound ok.
    been asked to fit one,     any good  ?   :)  water systems does have a point. no plate heat ex, no aps, no valve ect lot less 2 go wrong , and this boiler dont need power flush as part of waranty as all others although they do recomend it, surley that is a saving of 600 squid over first 5-7 years. will b putting it in this week,  and it lot cheaper than equiv wb plastic **** might be a problem at first but first impessions looks good.  ide rather fit quality n get less callbacks
  2. Water Systems

    Water Systems New Member

    They are superb.  One of the best.  Very reliable. The whole back panel is the heat exchanger on the combi model.  They are well designed and simple.  No 3-way valves to go wrong and if the pump fails DHW still works.  The heat exchanger acts as small heat store giving DHW quick at the taps.  Atmos say they have had no heat exchanger failures on 0.5 million units made.  They come with weather compensation control.

    Look below.  The heat exchanger can be seen and the vessel swings out for easy access.


    They have a video on the boiler.
  3. Dickie

    Dickie Guest

    They're a load of mince mate!!  Three times the price of a Heatline Vizo 24 from B&Q. Dr Drivel is talking rubbish as per...!!!
  4. midlands heating

    midlands heating New Member

    to true dickie
    walter does not like any boiler unless its around the grand mark.
    can have 3 vizo,s at the price of these. fit one 2 for spares it will be going long while after the atmos (and probably lack of spares in the future cus not enough sold here and no one wants to stock the spares)
  5. Water Systems

    Water Systems New Member

    Take no notice of the cowboys which permeate this site - they would not know a good boiler if one fell on them. They advise to buy cheap rubbish which is a waste of sheet metal.  Atmos is one one of the best.  No one comes close in design and the quality is there

  6. New Member

    how many of the Atmos boilers have you fitted Water systems and can we see photos please
  7. Water Systems

    Water Systems New Member

    Notice how this cowboy, contributes NOTHING to the thread.
  8. chopperman

    chopperman New Member

    I have a Intergas boiler and he is now 30 year old.
    The next one is all ready in the house and of course a Intergas!
    I am a satisfaction customer of Intergas.
  9. Dickie

    Dickie Guest

    Chops son you can buy 3 Heatlines for 1 of these Intergas and a Heatline will last at least 15 years. Maths not your strong point at Skool???!!!
  10. imran

    imran New Member

    For new members of the forum:

    Water Systems is not Gas Safe registered so please do not take advice from him/her.  He/she does not install nor maintain boilers, and only goes on what is printed in brochures.
  11. Water Systems

    Water Systems New Member

    GasSafe is for Do-dos on the tools.  I am an engineer who does not swing on stilsons.
    Beware of uneducated floorboard lifters.

    This one has never heard of an Intergas, as he buys cheap kaka.
  12. Water Systems

    Water Systems New Member

    Todger, you area cheapo Jocko.  That is sad. The Heatline will brake down a lot.
  13. Dickie

    Dickie Guest

    Well Walker, we have fitted 100s & only had 1 or 2 with minor problems. Where as you are a so called engineer with your head so far up your arze you don't see the light of day. You have no practical knowledge & live in a home for the deranged, with a part-time job as a lollipop man.
  14. no comment

    no comment New Member

    ha it works :) ......end of the day this is about a boiler, looks good lot less to go wrong  no  p flush needed, cant see heat exchangers failing, no aps, plate ex, valve ect
    cheaper than wb equiv.
    over 7-8 years life span of heatline same intergas cost grand minus p flush less work / parts to break no callbacks intergas 20 years plus lifespan gota be cheaper option. unless ur a fit n run cowboy.....ive had some of my customers 15 - 20 years wouldnt insult them with a weekly calback boiler. all though poor mans boilers keep us all in work you keep fitting them ile keep working
  15. no comment

    no comment New Member

    fitted intergas boiler wed in and working in 5 hours quality bit of kit, works well, looks like it will last for ever with very few problems, time will tell.
    but if u cant aford it theres always BnQ   heatline...
  16. Water Systems

    Water Systems New Member

    Todger, how long before you are banned again? Can you take that stupid chris@whateverhisnameis, with you?
  17. New Member

    Water Systems, I have knowledge, you on the other hand simply copy and paste the knowledge of other contributors, on other forums and put it here pretending its your own post, as I have proved, I think all on the UK Selfbuild forum will be watching out for you now they are aware of what you do.
  18. Water Systems

    Water Systems New Member

    This chris@whateverhisnameis needs sectioning.  All he does is attempt to make out he knows something, which is little, and other do not, which they do.  He is on the tools - a floorboard lifter.  Useful no doubt!  And he does make us titter.
  19. New Member

    Of course I am on the tools, I am a tradesman, what are you?, I run my own successful business, what do you do?
    Unlike you I am involved in the actual installation of boilers, heating systems, heat pumps, gas, solar etc etc, that is where I have gained my knowledge, what experience do you have
  20. diymostthings

    diymostthings Well-Known Member

    Hi Water Systems - would you say Remeha boilers (e.g. the 28C) are in the same league as the Atmos? We have a Remeha system boiler in one property and it was very easy to fit (pipe jig dead accurate etc) and looks "quality" inside. We are now after a combi for another property (in Wales - soft water) so though about a Remeha again.


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