internal corner patio - fall in two directions?

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Joshimoto, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Joshimoto

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    Hi Folks,

    Just a meddling amateur here.

    Was wondering about the best practice for laying a patio between two external walls that sit at a 90 degree angle to each other. Patio will only be about 4x3 metres. Was thinking it through and realised I might have to make a slope in two directions to avoid shedding water to the end of one wall or another.

    Old stone cottage in Scotland exposed to the west so susceptible to deluge. Of course, 200 years old so no DPC either - not sure what considerations on that front.

    Anyway, DPC aside, is there a best practice for the slope, involving multiple angles? Or could I just have a single run across the diagonal from where the two walls meet to the opposite corner?

    Any advice kindly received!
  2. IMG_20210407_171539021~3.jpg

    Square paving slabs cut corner to corner to allow slop in both direction of contoured pathway.
  3. Joshimoto

    Joshimoto New Member

    IMG_20210408_151033892.jpg Thanks for the reply above.

    How would this work over a rectangular area approx 4x3 metres? I've attached images of the space for reference. Ideally I'd like water to shed away from both wall faces. I'm sure other folk have built paved areas in nooks like this before. But maybe I'm just overthinking things?

    Also seems to be sections of terracotta pipe around wall footings I presume for drainage? Keen not to have more of this mysterious green buildup .. thanks all! IMG_20210408_151056341.jpg

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