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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Ian Lunn, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. Ian Lunn

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    Looking to change the internal doors to Oak and notice the hinges on original doors as fitted when built (house is 35 year old) have all been fitted 9" from top and 9" from bottom , Is there reason it should be 6" from top such as blocks built into the doors for screws? From this do I just do the same or do I move them to be correct and splice some wood into the frame (frame will be painted)?
  2. Okoak

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    It's more a case of tradition and perspective. Having the hinges 6" down and 9" up "looks right" when viewed by an adult standing in front of the door, and probably pre dates butt hinges themselves and follows the earlier practice of placing the ledges of plank doors at those proportions.
    It is also of course beneficial to have an "industry standard" (to use, a modern phrase for a very old practice) so that everyone does the same rather than sticking hinges all over the place as they see fit.
    There is no actual physical reason that your hinges have to be spaced in such a way in terms of fixing blocks etc. Though I would add any Carpenter fitting a door frame or lining would naturally avoid fixings in those areas of the frame as hitting a big buried screw with your best chisel is likely to result in much swearing!
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  3. Okoak

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    I'll add further to my above post and say that if it were me, then yes I would most certainly take the opportunity to re position the hinges to the correct position, both in terms of visual appearance and also the top hinge will then be cut into nice fresh timber without having to deal with old screw holes etc.
  4. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    The hinge positions were/are determined from the days of solid rail timber doors and were placed 6" from the top and 9" from the bottom in order to miss the tenons in the top and bottom rails. So really speaking, with today's mass produced cack it doesn't really matter where you put the hinges, but it's good practice to keep them as per tradition to save messing about, as Okoak said.
  5. Ian Lunn

    Ian Lunn Member

    thanks guys think i will get some timber and have a go at filling in the current position.
  6. Dan Parkinson

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    You'll be able to find 4 or 6mm pine stripwood. 6mm is better, I usually chisel the existing cut out to about 5mm depth and square the edges up. Then glue in a piece of 6mm stripwood with 5 minute PU. Pilot the middle and put a screw in just up to the head while glue goes off.
  7. Ian Lunn

    Ian Lunn Member

    thanks Dan

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