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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by kris123, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. wuddy

    wuddy Member

    wow chippie 238 you are making a lot of assumptions there mate, you must be sitting around thinking about me a lot.

    if the advise didnt work for you please explain, was it the carpentry advise you didnt like or the business advise?

    you cant really use the work troll if someone is giving advise mate, you may not agree with it but thats opinions for you everyone has one.

    im actually the same in real life not just the internet as i do like a bit of banter and a wind up or 2 but unfortunately it dosnt always come across the same in text
    all the advise given to kris was good advise and he said himself he has learned something from the thread so what is your complaint?
  2. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    surely the best advice in the first place would've been to get a spirit level out and find where the error came from? It wasnt til the second page that someone suggested this.
  3. palavaman

    palavaman Well-Known Member

    i am no carpenter, but if i were kris123, i would swallow my pride & say, ''manweb sorry for my calling you names. your advice did help. i realy would. whats the point disagreeing with timeserved tradesmen, then implementing their advice anyway:(

    you may need help in the future, and he'll just not contribute. grow up and take it on the chin m8
  4. manassa

    manassa New Member

    Is manweb, wuddy in this thread,if so no need to apologise kris123.
    I have been timeserved over 20 years and his advice and attitude were ****.
    I really would like to see him demonstrate "knocking over" the bottom of a stud wall in someones house or trying to move the casing legs without messing up the plaster.
  5. wuddy

    wuddy Member


    the advise i gave was different ways of dealing with the situation for different circumstances, if you have the experience you say you have then you know that it is not a 1 solution fits all and that is why there are several solutions

    i believe we should always try and offer the best solution we can in the circumstances and if a customer is willing to pay for a casing to be moved and all the hereditary patching up involved to get the perfect job then we should offer that choice

    back to my garage analogy, a work mate recently had trouble with his van not starting and it turned out to be the injectors, new ones were i believe nearly £200 each so the garage (a small oneman band type) took the assumption my mate would want to do it on the cheap and fitted 2 2nd hand injectors for £400 saving him over £600 when you add the labour
    his van played up and let him down several times after this and in the end the van went back and cost him over £1000 to put 4 new injectors in

    do you think he sings the garages praises for trying to bodge it up and save him some money?
  6. frosty3001

    frosty3001 New Member

    going back to the problem if your fitting antique style T hinges then the only way around that problem is to set one of the hinges in i.e so that the architrave will cover. The most important edge is the lock side because that's where you will look. How often, unless your a carpenter, do you look at the hanging side.

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