internal fire door into garage

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by olielloyd, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. olielloyd

    olielloyd New Member

    I have to fit an internal frame and fire door from the house into a garage.

    Can the door open out into hallway or does it have to open into the garage?

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  2. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select


    BLUEJACKET Active Member

    Is it just a fire door that is required (because of possibility of a fire due to a vehicle) or is the fire door a requirement to make a fire escape/exit passage?

    Either way, the fire door will require a self closure and intumescent strips.

    B J
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  4. olielloyd

    olielloyd New Member

    yea that's all sorted closer strips etc me personally would have it opening into garage as the hallway is quite narrow and is right by front door. Customer wants it opening out but I just wanted to check if it would effect any regs regarding fire exit (front door). A vehicle will be in garage.

    BLUEJACKET Active Member

    No don't think it makes a difference tbh, as it will close by itself so wont be blocking a fire exit,
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  6. olielloyd

    olielloyd New Member

    sound job nice 1
  7. The fire check door must open into the hall not into the garage otherwise is not fire check
  8. The door must open out into the hall not into the garage otherwise it's not fire checked
  9. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    Not true.
  10. Welshdragon1

    Welshdragon1 Active Member

    I suggest you read the link posted above

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