Internal Wall - Do you need a completion certificate?

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    I had a stud wall (timber/plasterboard) put in a couple years ago to separate and create a single room (has a window and fire door), and hallway going up to the third floor. I had a local builder put it up and its been absolutely fine but I realised I never got a completion certificate for building regs and sadly he has passed away since. I plan to put the house on the market soon, is it likely I'll be asked for one or is this not required for a stud wall as I see loads about removing walls all the time but not adding one?

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    You should be fine, I've certainly never issued a certificate for a stud wall.
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    Not sure you'd need one from building control. you could approach them and ask if the work needed it or just wait to see if it becomes an issue if you sell and then you could apply for a backdated approval (regularisation certificate)
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    It's not a problem, forget about it.

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