Intruder Alarm Problem.

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by eebad, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. eebad

    eebad New Member

    Hi everyone,

    On a recently installed alarm system I am getting a recurring problem.
    The 'fault' is that the alarm goes off intermittently and shows zone 1 as the affected zone
    zone 1 is used as entry/exit,and a chime zone, it is pir detector in a hallway 2.5 m long by 1 m wide. the pir is mounted high level facing the door. It is ADE Accenta 8 system.
    Anyone any clues?

  2. the crimper

    the crimper New Member

    try setting the pir to 2 or 3 pulse before it triggers or just use a door contact on the door
  3. steve CF

    steve CF New Member

    could be any number of problems including

    faulty PIR
    loose connection at PIR or control panel zone terminals
    damaged cable to PIR
  4. eebad

    eebad New Member

    Crimper, this zone is the main entry route and is set as a chime zone, if I set it on double knock will it still operate as a chime? remember it is only 2.5 m long

    Steve CF, I have already gone down the route of faulty goods but the problem still occurs?
    metered out the cable, all readings were the same, so the cable is fine.

  5. Caveman

    Caveman New Member

    Bearing in mind the fundamental mode of operation of PIR's, they are sensitive to a difference in temperature that moves within view of the lens. Draughts are therefore potentially capable of triggering the alarm as are other heat sources such as radiators etc. Check for such heat sources and draughts in the hallway.
  6. Caveman

    Caveman New Member

    And another sugegstion - change the passive for a 'pet immune' type - these tend to be far more discriminatory and less sensitive.
  7. diydom

    diydom New Member

    Hi wired,

    Have you tried disconnecting the two alarm contact wires at the pir end? (marked either NC, or Alarm) twist both together (Normally closed). If the prob still occurs it is pir based, and may be that as previoulsy mentioned the pir is false triggering due to direct sunlight or draughts etc...........

    what sort of quality pir is it? I normally use quads, as these are better in most instances than single element pir's

    anyway, hope this sheds some light on your problem

  8. Tocsin

    Tocsin New Member

    How about gently placing a square of masking tape over the PIR's lens, thereby masking it from heat sources?

    This will prove which side of the PIR is tripping.

    This website gives excellent alarm troubleshoting advice.
  9. adrian

    adrian New Member

    Just another possibility,is it possible you have sent a staple through a wire? I had a recurring similar problem after the client had "helped" me install the system, it was only as his heating came on and warmed the house that the problem came to light.. The problem was not detected upon completion of the installation either on test meter or alarm test.

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