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  1. says "We must not, under any circumstances, go back to a hard border."

    The EU says "We expect you to pay what you are committed to pay under the last agreement."

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  4. Lanc

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    If only the Tories didn't actually believe this 'Daily Mash' report :rolleyes: .
  5. joinerjohn1

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    The EU will sacrifice Ireland and make em suffer. All in the interests of the EU of course. (and yes DA, it is us doing all of the bloody compromising)
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    If Barnier doesn't stop his delaying tactics and if Tusk doesn't stop his typical EU dictatorial approach, we may walk away, that's the last thing the EU wants us to do because other countries will follow. Barnier and Tusk have no idea about negotiation, their silly games will backfire on them in the same way project fear backfired on Cameron and Osborne, we've compromised enough.
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    Total agreement here Harry, Barnier and Junckers couldn't haggle on a bloody arab market to save their lives. The EU would do a lot better without them both.
  8. Isitreally

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    What's going to happen when Merkel goes.??

    That is sooner rather than later since she can't form a government, or should I say "nobody what's to form one with her"
  9. yorkshireboy

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    What's going to happen when however long after Merkel leaves a young nationalistic charismatic young leader takes over,some people who think the Eu is the answer need to learn the lessons history.
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  11. joinerjohn1

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    Here's what Merkel said in an interview in Germany .
    (quoted from a news article on BBC News website) Sounds just like the EU then,,, no majority decision required.
  12. Mr. Handyandy

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    And having agreed now to paying £40b get out, and also to ECJ keeping jurisdiction over 3 million UK workers, is he not right then?

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  13. It all rather depends whether £40bn is the amount we do actually owe the EU in the first place. Doesn't it?

    You like to think of it as extortion. I see it more as paying our rightful bills.

    etc etc etc etc
  14. Mr. Handyandy

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    No, they are just making it as difficult as possible for us to leave with anything (as expected). Shysters.

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  15. joinerjohn1

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    Christ sake DA, how much have we actually got out of the EU in all the time we've been in it, compared to how much we've paid in? We're a nett contributor, meaning we get much less back than we pay in. They're even threatening to withhold next months rebate. Surely you can see them for the greedy b'stards they really are? Doing as much as they can to keep their corrupt union going. We should now tell them "No more". No more blackmailing us into submission. No more supporting a corrupt organisation. We should be getting a bloody rebate from them DA, not offering to pay (more ) to leave.
  16. Harry Stottle

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    Well put JJ, the EU membership has been a costly exercise for us over the years with nothing to show for it, so there's no point in giving way further. As for a rebate, why not just pay our monthly dues less the rebate and tell Tusk et al "that's all you're getting"? I don't want any more of my tax money squandered on the useless and corrupt EU on a "divorce settlement".
    As for the Irish border problem there must be controls, we can't have unwanted criminals and general riff raff getting in to the UK by the back door. It would suit us if the southern Irish decided to leave the EU, as most of them wanted to do a few years ago.
  17. Apart from helping us to become the 5th largest economy in the world, with amongst the highest levels of legal, human and worker rights, peace, stability and relatively clean water & air and acting as a magnet and inspiring example to developing countries, what has the EU ever done for us?

    And - yes - we do contribute to the economic development of our friends such as Ireland, Portugal and Spain in a slightly disproportionate way.

    But, then, it has also helped many of the poorer parts of our country too - I wonder if the current Tory party would have been so kind?

    So, we help others as we become more wealthy.

    I'm struggling to find the flaw in this.

    (I know where you see it.)
  18. Christ has nothing to do with this, JJ.

    I am always more amused when you begin a rant with that wee piece of faux-indignation.

    As if a 'point' were to follow.

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