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    You literally just read what you want and don't answer any questions. Perhaps if I rephrase the question to 'what benefits do we get from the union'

    Now you say I am just a straight up nationalist which isn't true if Westminster was made fairer which you seem to think it is in all your infinite wisdom (god knows how) there would be no point in leaving as Scotland, England, Wales and northern Ireland all have an equal share and input in what happens in the UK rather than it being mostly just England. For that we would need England to get a dissolved government like the other three parts of the UK and yes scotland in our own votes have a very democratic system much better than the first past the post system used for general election and I'm sorry you don't find my source to your liking but claiming it's not impartial means you can't use any source except government sources which may still not be fully impartial.

    Yes I believe we could govern ourselves better than Westminster this has been proven by our use of funds to keep the bed room tax out of Scotland so people are not hurt by it and then there is free prescription and all that. They could do a lot better with the nhs, schools and various other issues as well I'm not blind to this but I see Westminster is doing fantastic with England's nhs, schools etc.

    So I'm going to summarise so you can follow my points
    1. You read what you want to read and don't answer questions
    2. Westminster isn't fair (England has the largest say on UK issues)
    3. Westminster should be made equal for all four parts of the UK
    4. England should get their own dissolved government
    5. Scotland has a very fair democratic voting system for it's own elections especially compared to the first past the post used by Westminster
    6. It is extremely difficult nigh on impossible to get totally unbiased news
    7. Scotland can govern themselves and know what they need better than Westminster do.
    8. All over the UK has the same issues some perhaps more serious than other but in general the same issues.
    9. Just quickly about the union I share no tie to it. When I voted to leave my thoughts weren't yea **** the union it was I have done what I think is best for Scotland
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    Ahh Broon, that's what DA does best,, avoid the question in the first instance. ;);)
  3. :D


    fan tass eeee.

    deee looo shun

    I need to remove the floorboards to allow my jaw to drop a few feet further.
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  4. Yeah, I know.
  5. Ok, Broon - I'll answer the single question that was in your thread. Using the same number of words.

    "Why stay?"

    Future. Values.
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    That reminds me, did you manage to find that link backing up your assertion that the Greek growth figures are currently higher than the UK.
    Thanks in advance.
  7. What question is that, JJ?

    And I am not anticipating an answer from you about post #196
  8. Filly grasps on to the hope that the UK is still just a teeny-weeny-bitsy above Greece in the growth stakes! :D

    Rule Bleedin' Britannia.

    Keep bringing it up, Fills. You know, that both the UK and Greece have 'only one way they can go'.

    Except... you are wrong - the UK is going to go further down.

    Looking forward to a bare min of a further decade of crumbling infrastructure?


    Fills, Brexit is turning out as the complete and utter disaster that was anticipated by the Remainers on here.

    Keeping pretending it's not so. 'Cos it's well funny.

    You helped to do it - well done.
  9. Hey! Fills!

    Thanks for the linkie!

    "As Brexit uncertainty mounted, analysts warned in late summer that the pound was drifting towards parity with the euro and sterling fell as low as €1.07 against the currency as the robust recovery in the eurozone accelerated."
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    I'm grasping on to nothing mate, just calling you out as a fibber.
  11. fillyboy

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    What's well funny is that you and your cronies actually believed it wasn't going to happen. Hehehe

  12. What? You actually think the Brexit you wished for it still going to happen?


    PS, yes, she is beautiful isn't she?
  13. Granted, Fills, that right now - this very second - I could well be. I'm really not sure.

    Give it a week or so, tho'...

    But - man - have I made my point!

    With your help - so thank you very much.

    Anyhoo, how's it going with your claim that both Greece and the UK can only go one way?

    You know, you may be right! But in opposite directions.

    Well done, you.
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    It ain't Brexit that's causing it though.

    It's the crapGovernment.

    They ain't got a clue. Not a clue. And that's what is doing the most harm!

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
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    DA also forgets (conveniently) that had we had the injection of money the EU (and at the moment that still includes us) has injected into the Greek economy in the last few years, we'd be a lot more more above them in the growth stakes.
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    Yep a week or so and Barnier, Tusk and his mate Juncker's will decide that 50Bn just isn't enough. Of course, the rest of the EU will totally agree with them and we're suddenly back to square one. (watch this space, because their demands are just going to keep on increasing DA. You know it, I know it, May and her government know it, Corbyn agrees with it, as does his ex mistress Diane, miss mathematics, Abbott. The Guardian probably thinks we should pay double/ treble) Yep watch this space. The EU are going to try and blackmail us into remaining (and you'll be extremely smug and satisfied,, wontcha)
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    Thank you for proving my point. You read the first line of my post and then stopped didn't even see my rephrased question or my summery of points to make it easier.

    but you bring up interesting points:
    Future: what does this even mean how do you know the union has a good future? (your 8 ball must be working over time)
    Values: What values?

    That is a pretty vague answer its almost like you don't know what we get from the union or you just don't like answering questions.


    gawd, I'm loving being so juvenile
  19. That is answered succinctly in post #218
  20. lol

    Aren't we strong?

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