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  1. Did the EU expel us, or did we choose to leave?

    We left, knowing, that we could get a better deal didn't we? So how come we are not forcing them to concede their points?

    Guess who has the stronger hand? But this was pointed out at the time! And remainers were told to stop being so pessimistic I believe?
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    All due now to the very weak government we have. TM isn't the leader she promised to be. DC too, remember he told us that whatever the outcome, he'd stay and lead us wherever we were going? Yep, resigned within a bloody hour and a half of the result. Corbyn, a committed Eurosceptic, chose to go with what he thought would be the winning vote (wrong choice Jeremy) I've said before, we need strong leadership and a party that actually gets behind that leader. Of course the EU have the stronger hand at the moment, simply because our government is bloody weak, lily livered, snowflakes, who'll roll over and beg for whatever scraps the EU choose to throw at us. Of course , you also told us that Britain would collapse without the EU, we'd be lost without their rules and regulations JoT . Guess what, we haven't even left yet and the EU are sticking the bloody knife in.
    We should of course walk away now. Just get up and leave the negotiating table and tell them a hard Brexit is now on the table. If we did this, watch them change their own tune. They don't want a hard Brexit, but because of our weak leadership, they think they have the upper hand. You want us to be a mere puppet in Europe? Seems like you're going to get your wish JoT . Next thing the EU will be dictating to you what you can and can't have for bloody breakfast (I bet you have croissants and muesli, along with a nice latte, instead of a full English with black pudding and home made sausages and real bread, not that poxy sweet stuff you get abroad)
    We can get a better deal JoT, but it's gonna take a politician with a pair to get it. Someone to stand up to Barnier and Junckers. Of course you'll disagree with everything I have written, but think on a bit,, there's absolutely nothing written into EU law that states a member country has to pay to leave,,,,, absolutely nothing.
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    But you won so suck it up and stop moaning, this is what you voted for.
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    Well said JJ, you're right although I don't think we have a weak government due to the calibre of the MPs, just that the parliamentary majority isn't big enough. Druncker and Barnier are clearly pushing to find out at what point we'll walk away, once they find where that point is they'll soften to the level just below that. Serve 'em right if we said "too late, enough of this nonsense, we want a hard brexit" and walk away. I still believe that's the best option anyway.

    What about the treacherous DUP? I wonder whether they are really concerned over the border issue or whether they are devious remainers. I reckon a hard border is the only answer and those inconvenienced could be compensated, it would be a small price to pay to stop the euro rejects getting into the UK via the back door.
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    It seems even the 'Leavers' are now at each other's throats - with best friends like the DUP who needs enemies? :rolleyes:

    How stupid is our government to have done a deal with that bunch of clowns - but they now reap what they sow - as the rest of us sail down the rapids without paddles. Gawd bless May and all who sail in her. :eek:

  6. What a sad response.

    The EU is not bothered what you have for breakfast, as long as the food is of proper standards and quality. You can have anything you want.

    The real issue that appears to be holding up the talks is Ireland.

    You voted to "take control of our borders" and to stop free movement of people, didnt you ? So how do you suggest sorting that?

    Brexit should not be managed by the Tories but by a cross party system. It is way too important to be used as a party politic issue. Its our future.
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    What?? Me, Guv? Shirley not, I'm not known as Monsieur Gullible for nowt you know. :D
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  8. Hard brexit is the best option ?

    Biting your nose off to spite your face sound familiar?

    We voted out because we KNEW we could get a better deal apparantly.

    But now you want no deal!

    No wonder the government is confused.
  9. Lanc

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    It really is quite appalling that you can even think like that, jj1, you are convinced it is wrong that we have to stick to rules (that we were part of formulating, after all!!), yet can deny Scotland similar.

    You obviously (like someone else on here) cannot abide "Nationalism", unless it's good old British Nationalism - Scots nationalism BAD, British nationalism GOOD. Confusing isn't it?
  10. Lol - but the u-s on here still love to shout about all the Brexit votes they are supposedly 'winning' in Parliament! So Harry says we have a 'weak' gov - even tho' it's winning all the votes?!

    Explain that one, Harry.

    So, what's your excuse now? Which 'parliamentary majority' are you referring to? The Tories have been walking these votes so far - no issue there - but they still can't get the EU countries to roll over for a good kicking.

    I wonder why that is?

    Harry, you are a twit.

    We have told you all along what's happening.

    The Tories - overwhelmingly pro-EU - and the Labour Party - overwhelmingly pro-EU - are voting with the gov simply because they cannot - in the eyes of their constituents - do anything else. What game are they playing? It's called 'time'. Because 'time' will demonstrate to even the most hardened moron what we have been telling you all along - a Brexit will wreck the UK.

    As always, the weakest will continue to hurt most. What is it you want to hear, Harry? What fairy dust do you expect to see? We are trailing the rest of the EU. We are the laughing stock of every decent country in the whole wide world. Our austerity is - by virtually every single expert account - now going to last at least a further decade - as a DIRECT result of this f'in stupid vote.

    We have lost power. We have lost our 'say' in many world events. We are suffering a self-inflicted wound of gigantic proportions.

    And, like Trumps roughly 40% of hardened supporters, there are those like you and your sidekicks who will never ever wise up and accept this. You will suffer the continued ignominy and indignity of pretending that it ain't so.

    But we know it is. And so do you.

    It ain't all bad, tho'! Fortunately for you there are enough people who will edge this sinking ship around, and will rescue the country by stopping - at the very least - a hard Brexit, and more and more likely each day, the complete Brexit process.

    When this happens, when sanity is restored, I will still hate what you have done.
  11. joinerjohn1

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    Just as long as the bananas are straight. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  12. joinerjohn1

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    Lanc, I know we have to abide by the rules, but when you see other EU countries "bending" the rules whenever they like, yet the UK is dropped on like a ton of bricks the moment we try to bend a rule, then one has to consider whether we're just being taken for absolute mugs. The French deport "undesirables" irrespective of their legal EU status, as do the Italians , Germans and other countries. All without recourse to any EU court. Yet when the UK decides they want to send some undesirable back to where he came from, the EU courts step in and grant him the right to remain here in the UK, a decision we have to abide by. (and we just roll over and accept it) It's wrong Lanc, on so many levels. I thought the EU respected "sovereignty", but both you and I know they only say they do. They have absolutely no wish for any country to keep it's own sovereignty, but want every EU country to become nothing more than areas in an EU superstate. That is their intention Lanc, no getting away from that.
  13. Lanc

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    Oh please, jj1, you use the idiotic 'straight bananas' lie to justify your opinions - but then get down to your REAL problem, immigrants.

    It's pointless trying to explain to you that without these immigrants our social services (which I presume you support) will be knackered, along with our NHS (it's already happening and it will be no use wailing when there aren't enough 'Brit' doctors and nurses to cope).

    This Tory government (and I use the term 'government' loosely!) is going to crucify all but the wealthy with this Brexit . I just hope Scots and NI can escape this bucket of sh1te we are being served.
  14. Ive linked these for you, saving you having to find out for yourself.

    Your issue isnt with its rules, its the cost and the immigrants.

    Not just you, but there is a lot of swerving and backtracking going on about the referendum now.

    You might notice the same people are pointing out the same things that have been covered before.

    So, immigration, boiled down to "reclaiming our borders", so why have you avoided the Ireland/NI issue and swerved to the bendy bananas ? Explain how you want the Irish issue sorted?
  15. Harry Stottle

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    DA call me what you like, I'm not like the sensitive souls who take offence by words, I'm not "traumatised", not "disgusted", not "shaken" and not in search of compensation either.
    As a matter of fact I seem to have formed the wrong opinion about the DUP, it turns out now that they want the same treatment as the rest of the UK, i.e. Brexit and their complaint is that they may be left at the mercy of the EU. If that turns out to be true I applaud them.
    Hard Brexit and hard border please.
  16. Yeah, I've sussed out long ago you ain't a sensitive soul.

    Not a very bright one either.

    You read what's happening with the DUP as it's presented in the news? Jeepers. You reckon oor Arlene wants a 'hard' one and that's why she's scuppering May?

  17. Isitreally

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    Of course she scuppered May.
    May was all for giving the EU Northern Ireland as if it was some sort of gift.
    Arlene is of a stronger breed and wasn't having any of it, simply because NI would only be the beginning as far as the EU are concered.
    Scotland would have been next followed by Wales even if the Walsh didn't want it, and the cherry on the cake.

    Mr Khans London.

  18. That shows your level of thought then.

    May needs DUP, remember she bribed them to get them onside, she cant afford to give them away. But how can she sort Ireland? What a quandry, and its what you want.

    You still havent explained how you want your borders back, and stop free movement of people, but want the border there to remain as it is/was ?
  19. Isitreally

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    ???? Confused . Com, how do i want the boarder to remain the same, that would mean giving NI to the EU, which is what May was prepared to do.
    The DUP stopped her in her tracks and rightly so.

    Don't forget Eire is only part of the EU because the EU told it, it was to be that way, by the forced second referendum it made them have.

    If they had the chance to leave and become part of the UK would they??? or would they still vote to be in the EU.
  20. Lanc

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    Is he/she a good boarder, is the rent paid on time and the room kept neat?

    Does your garden have a neat border?

    Maybe Eire might even return to UK rule!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    Then they would join the large number of former colonies that have rejoined the UK........:D :D

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