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  1. I think that's highly irresponsible, JoT.

    I don't think the EU is ready for a bit of JJ.
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  2. You are probably right.

    Benidorm, Ibiza, Tenerife, Marbella, Costa del xyz are ready maybe.

    Probably gives a different impression of Europe too. All those Germans pinching the sun loungers, just like they pinch our lifestyle :eek:
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  4. Isitreally

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  5. longboat

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    The north is leaving the EU, the South isn't.
    Which one wants to have a physical border between the two?

    Ok, I'll give you a choice.
    A: ROI.
    B: NI.
    C: Neither.

    Clocks ticking!
  6. longboat

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    I can see a bit of a flaw in that test, JoT.

  7. Think about it then?

  8. D the brexiteers
  9. longboat

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    I asked you a question and you decided to answer by 'not answering'.
    All we got was the usual throwing up enactment, just a bit silly I must say, but hey, if you didn't know it probably would have been a good idea to remain quiet.
    You instead pretended to be sick.
    Not good, DA.
    Not good at all.
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    I know you can't find an example that backs that up, and you yourself also know you can't.
    So why say it?

    Emoji time.

  11. No need for emoji.

    Just t was the right answer and it wasnt on your list, I wonder why?

    What is your answer to the question?
  12. longboat

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    The correct answer is 'C'.

    Howay, man. This is basic stuff, JoT.
    You should have known this by now.
  13. I have been 'chastened' by the Longs! Lol...

    Oh, man, you've shot your load a long time ago - there is nothing of value left.

    As hollow as a hollow thing.

    Longs, once upon a time you represented - lord help us - the 'sensible' Brexiter on here. Then you truly exposed yourself and sank sub-Filly.

    Forgive me if I just take the piddle from now on, as and when it suits me. All you are fit for is a laugh.

  14. Basic I agree, and you still managed to get it wrong.
  15. longboat

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    You are now DA's epitome brexiteer.
    Well done, you.

    I'm something else now, apparently.
    All I ever wanted was his approval.
    What a nasty man he is.

    Anywho, don't forget to check in next week on 'just talk' to find out who is crowned the new outlaw.

    Who will it be?

    Could it even be, JoT?

    Ohhhh. I can't wait.
  16. longboat

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    You have been given the correct answer.
    Now go away and think about what you have done.
  17. longboat

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    As much as it pains me to do so I don't think there's a more appropriate response.

    So, here goes.

    I love your sense of irony, DA, I really do.

  18. I gave the factually correct answer, as you actually know, but just wont accept.
  19. It is to your credit that you also realised how juvenile and witless your earlier post was.

    Anyhoo, let's brighten the mood a little:

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