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    Where's the evidence that proves your silly little diversionary claim?

    No, nothing, is that it.
    A figment of your imagination, is that it?
    I think we all must rightly assume so.
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    It's not like you to double post.
    In a bit of a flap with yourself are we?

  3. That is the reply that needs



    Diversionary claim indeed pfft, the smell of burning rubber swerving across tracks is not from the remain side. The dirty great tracks are clearly displayed for all who have followed these subjects over any period of time, to see.
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    You either don't understand what you're talking about, or, you're playing dumb.
    Which is it?
  5. 'RONY!

    (Damn - I've triple-posted...)
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    I'd double check if I were you.
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    The 'moon' is not really there.
    It's a hologram.

    If you dont believe me I can assure you it's true.
    I will be more than happy to provide links/examples that prove so if you wish.

    Can you provide anything, anything at all that validates your claim that 'brexiteers' demand a hard border between, Eire, and NI?
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    I'm touched, and honoured. I'm not one for big speeches, so I'd just like to thank everybody, with a special thanks to DA.
    I've awarded meself a badge.

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    I wonder if Theresa May was reading this thread on the flight over to Brussels?
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    Someone's happy.

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    It aint DA or Jack.
  12. You really think it's all sorted?

    My gawd.

    Have to 'fess I was surprised at how quickly this element was seemingly sorted - I thought it would go to the wire.

    I can only conclude that Barnier and the Taoiseach were keen not to scupper May too much; they need to keep her in power and prevent the ultra-weird fringe from gaining strength. (All the "Well done's" from the likes of Gove and Johnson were delivered through gritted teeth...)

    But, I do approve of the concessions - no chance of a hard border betwixt the Repub and N.I., and N.I. on exactly the same terms as the rest of the EU. And the almost certain continuation of the single market and customs union for the foreseeable future.

    Yup, looking good.

    Now all May has to do is negotiate trading terms for the future that are better than what we currently have - or else what's the point?

    Ok, that's unfair. I'd settle for similar terms to current.

    Don't be daft! Not a chance!
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    No, unfortunately. I suspect the EU will shaft us at every opportunity, unless Theresa May is replaced by somebody who has the balls to simply walk away.
  14. Filly...Filly...Filly....

    Please. Please have a moment of elucidation. (quite possibly sic)

    The UK simply cannot - it never ever will - just 'walk away'.

    That money we owe is not an 'exit fee' or a 'punishment' or anything like that, it is simply the amount we are obliged to pay as would have been our contribution over our membership. We have to pay this.

    If we don't, then a few things will happen. We will - obviously - be immediately reduced to WTO trading terms at best which will seriously, very seriously, damage our economy. From this position of extreme self-inflicted weakness, we will then be trying to punch above our weight in new world trade negotiations.

    We will have reneged on our EU trade obligations by refusing to pay what we owe them, so tell me how this will be treated by other future trading partners? Please don't tell me that in your mind you think other countries are going to sit up and be impressed by our stance? "Wow! See that May! She's got kahoonas! I wanna trade with her!!!"

    Our standing in the world will have the label 'cheap back-stabbing crook' added to our current list of 'feeble', 'weak', 'confused', 'cocky' and 'indignified'.

    Please tell me you realise this, Filly.

    Pleeeeeese. I'm actually fed up of 'dissing you lot - it made me feel unclean.

    I just want you to understand. Understand the bleedin' obvious.
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  15. It looks like a very soft brexit at the minute.

    Sort of in the EU, but not .

    I think you might need to rethink or relook ?

    But in fairness, it could all change again yet.

    Its not over til its over.
  16. Thats pretty much the whole argument about brexit in a nutshell
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  18. Is amusement a part move towards appreciation?

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