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    Now, hey.
    You're the one that suggested the idea (yet again) for a game of 'stick a Richard' to your head.
    You can't blame me for laughing, can ya?
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    Are you suggesting that because the UK is leaving the European Union there will be a resurgence of concentration camps?, extraordinary!
    Ironically, I've just started reading 'patronising b******s' by Quentin Letts, essential reading for anyone who doubts what a nasty bunch of lowlifes those remoaners are.
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  3. fillyboy

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    Anyway longs, let's cut DA some slack just for today, let the man grieve.:(

  4. What's extraordinary is that you'd try and suggest that that's what I'm saying.

    I am simply pointing out - again - the two types of people.

    There is nothing 'special' about Brits. I used to think there was - the way we were seen as saviours during WW2, in Greece, for example, when every warring faction that moved in was worse that the last. Until the Brits came along.

    But actually, the other groups - the murdering genocidal fascists, for example - were not that different from us - we simply had a different leader at that time. The Nazis were made up of the majority of the German population; the majority of the Germans are not 'different' to the majority of us Brits - we are as susceptible as anyone. There's nothing 'weird' about 1930's Germans. All these people need is an 'outlet' for their inherent hatred - to be brainwashed into believing that 'others' are taking things from them, and that all these 'others' are the same. And that's 'different' to us. A 'justification'. A way of seeing a group of 'others' as being inherently 'different' to yourselves. Without exception - they are all seen as being the same.

    There was nothing 'special' about Hitler, except the opportunity (er, financial crisis) and the mild dose of psychopathy. I mean, one nutcase like that can't rule a country on his own and go on to commit astonishing genocide. No, it takes sheep. Followers.

    Every second person you see on a British street would almost certainly behave the same given that power and opportunity.

    And that's also what happened in Sarajevo. Nothing special about Ratko. He couldn't do anything like that on his own. And it takes an astonishingly little amount of 'persuasion' to make people kill with abandon.

    All you have to do it unleash what's inside them.

    Nuts? Does anyone really think like that? Do even the u-s on here consider a 'people' as being the same?

    "Anyway, did you know,,, the vast majority of moderate Muslims don't want to behead the non believers...... They want the minority of radical Muslims to do it."

    "Being swamped with migrants soaking up our health services, overloading schools, crowding our roads. "

    "We are at risk of being overrun by a plague of locusts"

    Just three comments from white indigenous Brits (u-s) on here, and that's with them trying to keep a lid on all they'd like to say.

    You cannot get away from this, u-s, there are 'sides' here. On one - sharing a basic ideology - is Farage, Dacre, Murdoch, Trump, Le Pen, Ratko, and Adolph himself - Nationalism, Jingoism, Bigotry. To differing levels of course, but what's inside is the same.
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  5. fillyboy

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    I've read this post three times now, and all it does is drive home the fact that your understanding of history is as ropy as your understanding of people.
  6. Mr. Handyandy

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    Blind-folded, bigoted fool, teuchter D.A. Merkel.
  7. fillyboy

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    But they never have, have they?, the opportunity was there with Oswald Mosley, he liked a bit of Fascism didn't he?, but the British people didn't follow him like sheep, Maybe that's what makes the British people special. UKIP never came to power did they?, although 'Dave' was so worried they would he promised a referendum.
    Aye, we're canny us Brits and no mistake, but sheep, no. The only 'sheep' I see are the remoaners bowing to their liberal elite masters. Take a bow DA.
  8. lol
  9. Thank you for reading it three times. Honestly - thank you.

    But we clearly come to different conclusions - which is no surprise.

    Am I really saying that some of the folk on here would behave like Nazis and Ratko's Serbian army if placed in the same position?

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

    The evidence is writ large.

    Not only an intense bigotry, but the willingness to support aggressive behaviour when it's either aimed at someone you perceive as your political enemy (Gina Miller) or someone who's having a violent 'go' at 'namby pamby lefties' (that farmer).

    Do I really believe this - that the u-s on here would almost certainly be the required fodder for a right-wing genocidal maniac? Yes I do.

    To this not be the case, you would have to show that in some amazing way us 'Brits' are inherently different to 1930's Germans, or 1990's Serbians.

    Once upon a time - until a year ago - I actually thought we were; I was proud of the British people. I no longer think this. I now know that half of us at least are exactly the same as the worst potential we see in everyone else.

    The complete and unquestioning way you swallow what your leaders - Dacre, Farage, Murdoch, Bannon, Banks, Trump, Le Pen - have fed you, and your sheer orgasmic delight at any 'punishment' meted out to your enemy - in this case Muslims and the EU and any rational Brit - speaks volumes.

    Until you can show us that you are somehow different to those in history, then I will conclude you are lumped in amongst them. With justification.

    (How about looking back over that Gina Miller thread & farmer threads - it makes for astonishing reading. You should be ashamed at the rising awareness.)

    Go on, Filly - post another photo of the humanist Geldorf - and tell us what point you are making :rolleyes:
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  10. Nothing canny about your bile, Fills.

    I have little doubt whatever that you would slavishly follow both Mosely and UKIP to wherever they took you.

    The only thing that stops UKIP (and the NF and BNP etc etc) is the current level of decency in our society - one that's taken a major blow over the past year.

    Bannon and Banks know that they need to tread carefully and not expose their wish-list too explicitly. Instead they release their poison surreptitiously as propaganda, a wee bit here and a wee bit there - supported, of course, by the right-wing press.

    And the suckling lambs.

    As you have amply demonstrated time and time again on here.
  11. fillyboy

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  12. Thank you.

    By implication you accept he's a humanist. And, by further implication, your nemesis.
  13. Lanc

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    DA, Your posts at 8-45 and 9-13 today are two of the best (and most worrying ) ones that have been on here in a long time. More power to your elbow!

    The far right are slowly, by taking over the pliant media, convincing a good portion of our people that all foreigners are inherently 'bad' ( or, at least inferior to we British ) - so we will then blame immigrants for any, and all, of our own errors. Has certain similarities to certain historic traits, where whole populations were vilified - and enough 'sheep' believed it all and eventually accepted murderous regimes.

    Closer to home, have you seen much said about the Spanish fascist governments jailing of opposition politicians lately?

    Even closer, do you see the contempt levelled at the SNP MPs in Westminster, and the bile printed about them by the Mail and Express. Not quite in the same league (yet!!), but I'm sure we will be losing Scotland from the UK before long . And good luck to them, they, at least, have a chance to escape this Tory madness.
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    Don't worry, typos happen to the best of us.
  15. Lanc

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    Longboat - What a pathetic child you are, having to alter script to make a stupid comment - but then again, par for the course in your puerile world, I suppose.
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  16. Lanc

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    There, fixed it for you - let's keep up this stupid game of yours.:p
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  17. longboat

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    Is that actually the case, Lanc?
    "All foreigners are bad". I don't think anyone is even hinting at that premise, a massive influx of cheap labour is certainly a 'bad' thing for the indigenous population as it stagnates, or even reverses lower/semi-skilled wage growth, but to say these people are inherently bad is a nonsense.
    You and your ilk are the ones who make the ridiculous claims regarding 'foreigners', such as "they are all inherently good".
  18. longboat

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    Just as I thought.
    Upsetting a Scottish nationalist is complete child's play.
  19. fillyboy

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    No, I don't. I accept that he has become part of the liberal elite who would happily flick a V sign to decent working class fishermen because they didn't vote
    the same way as him, and I accept that he once staged a very large concert (a very good concert) which raised a great deal of money, a significant portion of which went on to buy arms for Ethiopian rebel soldiers.
    My nemesis? on yer bike sonny! A despicable human being by anyone's standards, well, anyone except you.

  20. fillyboy

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    Good Lord!

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